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Add Space to System C Drive Partition

  • With operating system's continuous renewal, demands for system partition raised by operating system becomes higher and higher. Windows 7 developed by Microsoft Corporation is preferred by many computer users. However, as a new-style operating, Windows 7 makes particularly high demand for system partition. After completing installing Windows 7, users will see there is little space left on partition. That is because acquiescent system partition is generally not very large in new notebook computer. Maybe, users feel not inappropriate at that time. However, after using a period of time, users will find running speed of the system becomes slower. Besides, red warning "deficient space" appears in the system partition. At this time, if users add data in the system unceasingly, system may be crashed. When the above situation happens, have you considered how to it? Many users may use disk management tool adjust system partition size, but many disk partition magic bought by systems themselves can't help users complete partition adjustment, such as Window 7 and other operating systems. To reach the aim, users had to reinstall an operating system. During installing, users can reset system partition size. But such operations are troublesome, and make a large number of lost. So, I suggest not using this method. Users can adjust partition size with partition magic. As for partition magic, I think MiniTool Partition Wizard is a good choice. It can help users adjust partition size easily, and keeps data information absolutely integrate.

    Principle of resizing system partition
    As is well known, disk management is realized by operating partition, so it is necessary to lessen other partitions' size if users want to expand system partition. We can compress the size of other partitions for more assignable space with MiniTool Partition Wizard, and then expand system partition. This is the principle with which partition adjustment can be realized.

    resize system partition with MiniTool Partition Wizard
    To resize system partition, users can download MiniTool Partition Wizard free through visiting its official website: https://www.partitionwizard.com/ and then perform correct installing and running. After opening the software, users can see the following interface:

    This is the main of the software. In the main interface, we can see system partition size clearly. Now, we need to compress the capacity of H drive. Select H:, and then slick "Move/Resize" to enter into the next step:

    In this interface, we need to compress the partition. Drag the black triangle on the left of the partition to the right like the following interface:

    This interface is the very interface after resizing. From this interface, users can see unused space. Then, click "OK" to go back to main interface.

    In the main interface, users can see an unallocated space in Disk 1. Select "C:", and then click "Move/Resize" to enter into the next operating interface:

    In this interface, we drag the red triangle to the right side to expand system partition.

    The result after expanding is as the following interface. Click "OK" and go back to the main interface:

    In the main interface, we can see C: partition has changed. Its capacity has been enlarged. At this time, there appear other two executable items. Click "Apply" to make actual use. Now, we are successful to resize system partition easily.
    After finishing the above settings, the system will restart. But these operations will not lead to data loss, so users can use it at ease.

    From the above interface, users can see MiniTool Partition Wizard can not only help adjust partition capacity, but also help users delete, merge, and format partitions. Diversified managements are realized with the help of MiniTool Partition Wizard. It is really a comprehensive disk partition magic.