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Copy disk partition

  • We all know that it is quite easy to copy a file or folder on computer, and there are mainly two ways for users to choose from: The first way is to right click file, select copy option, and then select paste option in target space. The second way is to select file, copy it by pressing shortcut keys “Ctrl + C”, and then paste it in target space by pressing shortcut keys “Ctrl + V”. This is the most fundamental computer knowledge and every computer user knows how to operate. However, if computer users want to copy disk partition, what should they do? It is believed to be a question that puzzles many Windows users. Since many files are always included in a partition, it is extremely hard for Windows users to copy them out one by one. Besides, users will spend much time and energy and data loss problem is likely to be brought by users’ wrong operations in the process of copying and pasting. Thus, there is hardly Windows user who will copy disk partition in this way. Well, what should Windows users do when they need to finish disk partition duplication because of some reasons? Is there any tool that can help users finish disk partition duplication? The answer is positive. With the development of software technology, some excellent partition magic starts to provide users with disk partition duplication function, so with the help of excellent partition magic, Windows users can copy disk partition by themselves without worrying about data leakage.

    Excellent partition magic
    When choosing excellent partition magic, Windows users need to be really careful. The reason is that some partition magic has no disk partition duplication function and some partition magic with disk partition duplication function will cause damage to partition and data stored in it. As a result, to avoid choosing inferior partition magic, users must pay high attention to the selection of excellent partition magic. We suggest users choosing the excellent partition magic – MiniTool Partition Wizard to copy disk partition. This excellent partition magic provides users with powerful functions and it is free. Lots of users are surprised by powerful functions after using this free excellent partition magic. Windows users can download excellent partition magic – MiniTool Partition Wizard from website: www.partitionwizard.com to experience its wonderful disk partition duplication function.

    How to copy disk partition quickly and effectively
    Besides disk partition duplication function, this excellent partition magic also provides users with other functions, such as “Extend Partition”, “Wipe Partition”, “Delete Partition” and “Format Partition”, and these functions can meet all Windows users’ demands for daily partition management. Now, we will tell Windows users how to use this excellent partition magic to copy disk partition quickly and effectively.

    After downloading excellent partition magic, users should install it on computer. Then, running excellent partition magic, users will see its main interface and they can start disk partition duplication.

    Interface in above picture is the main interface of this excellent partition magic. In the main interface, Windows users need to select the partition they want to copy and click “Copy Partition” in the “Operations” list in order to copy disk partition quickly and effectively. Then, the following interface appears:

    In this interface, Windows users need to select an unallocated space to store copied disk partition and click “Next” button to continue disk partition duplication.

    In the interface above, Windows users can see the state of disk partition and they need to adjust the location and size of copied disk partition. After that, click “Finish” to go back to the main interface of excellent partition magic.

    At last, Windows users need to click “Apply” button in the upper left in order to copy disk partition quickly and effectively.