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Partition manager software

  • Partition manager software is a kind of commonly seen utility tool on computer, and it can help users accomplish almost all commonly seen partition management operations such as create partition, format partition, delete partition, merge partitions, move/resize partition, and hide partition.
    As requirement for partition management is increasing, Windows built-in disk management tool can not meet users' demands. For example, Windows built-in disk management tool is unable to hide partition storing private or confidential data. However, if we want to hide partition to protect data, what should we do? At this time, partition manager software becomes our best choice.

    Why hide partition?
    After seeing the above content, some users may raise a question why they need to hide partition. In their eyes, hiding important data is OK. Actually, hiding data can not protect confidential data effectively. As long as we make some simple settings for operating system, hidden data can be displayed. If we hide partition storing private data with partition manager software, other users are unable to visit our private data storing on hidden partition through normal ways. That is because they have to use partition manager software to unhide partition before visiting data stored on it, thus enhancing data security to a large extent.

    How to hide partition with partition manager software?
    Before using this partition manager software, we should download it and install it to our computer at first, and we can download it from its official website https://www.partitionwizard.com/. Then, launch it to enter its main interface:

    From this interface, we can see disks and partitions on our computer. To hide partition, please select the partition which needs hiding and click "Hide Partition" button from action panel to get the following interface:

    Now, we can see the drive letter of the selected partition has disappeared, and partition state is "Hidden". If we want to apply this effect to our computer, we need to click "Apply" button. Then, the partition is hidden successfully.
    Here, we just see how to wipe partition with this partition manager software. If you want to get detailed information, visit its official website.