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Partition Wizard the best free partition managementsoftware

  • Partition Wizard Free Edition is a free Partition Software. At present, the most popular partition software on the market are Paragon Partition Manager, Partition Magic, Another Partition Manager Free Edition and Partition wizard.

    Paragon Partition Manager is very powerful in functions and it can support multiple systems. But it is very expensive and not worth it for most users.

    Partition Magic is rarely updated and is limited in the operating systems it can support. What's more, it is notorious for errors. Users using Partition Magic may find that their partitions cannot be read after using this partition software.

    Another Partition Manager Free Edition is a very convenient partition software due to its smaller size and relative lower price. However, it is also rarely updated. What's more, it always takes users a long time to resize or move partitions. During this process, if any sudden incidents happen, fatal error may occur and the system would be unbootable. Even worse, users may also find their hard disks destroyed after the sudden stop of the software.

    It is obviously that these partition software cannot meet our needs. Now lets look at a different partition management software.

    The best partition software - MiniTool Partition Manager

    MiniTool Partition Manager is a new software developed by MT Solution. It is suitable for both server and non server users. MiniTool Partition Manager can support all 32/64 bits Windows Operating Systems including Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, XP, Vista and Windows 7. It is regarded as the best partition software.

    As the best partition software, Partition Wizard has some unique functions. It has the functions of protect partitions from sudden errors. Even if the computer fails to response or comes out a blue screen, or the power is cut off, or the user stops the software with force, there will be no damage to the system or partitions. With special designs such as this, Partition Wizard can perform far better than any other partition software on the market today.

    Free partition manager for home users and Professional users

    Home users and Professional users can go to this link to download Partition Wizard Free Edition or Partition Wizard Professional Edition.

    If you are a server user, you can go to https://www.partitionwizard.com/buy.html to try out Partition Wizard Server Edition.