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Free Hard Disk Drive Space Manager

  • In 1956, IBM developed IBM 350 RAMAC hard disk whose size is as big as two refrigerators but storage volume is mere 5MB. Late 1980s, the advent of MR technology in IBM laid solid foundation for the drastic improvement of hard disk volume. Later in 1991, IBM released the first 3.5-inch 1GB hard disk. Coming to today, hard disk has very small size but large storage volume, faster write/read speed. Hard disk, serving as the major data storage device, is playing an incrementally significant role in everyday life and business. Currently, most hard disks under use are large-volume disks, which, however, makes disk partition management more difficult. And a large number of users are taking pains in searching solution to disk management. Here I got a suggestion, namely, employing the powerful third-party hard disk drive space manager, MiniTool Partition Wizard, to help effectively manage disk. This partition manager, with excellent disk management functions, is totally free for home and personal users. MiniTool Partition Wizard can check disk track, enabling us to judge whether there is bad track on hard disk. After detecting bad track, user can still employ MiniTool Partition Wizard to repair. Still, this partition manager can copy partition to avoid partition loss or damage. Though employing third-party partition manager helps cope with a variety of hard disk problems, we are also required to acquire some basic hard disk maintenance knowledge.

    Hard disk maintenance common senses
    1. Interruption of power supple must me avoided during reading or writing process: when reading or writing, hard disk is under high-rotating status. If we abruptly cut power supply, magnetic head will violently rub with platter resulting in track damage or data stream loss.
    2. Keep a favorable working environment: hard disk poses high requirement over working environment. Sometimes, excessive dust can lead to electronic components short circuit, which subsequently impair disk performance.
    3. Prevent violent shock: hard disk is sophisticated storage device and the flying height of head is merely several microns on the platter surface when performing writing operation.
    4. Reduce continual operation: if constantly running a program or using downloading software such as BT, be cautious, head continuously writes/reads the same hard disk place inflicting bad track.
    5. Appropriate service time: within one day, particularly under high temperatures in summer, we'd better keep the service time under 10 hours or 8 hours in continuous working condition and power off the computer allowing hard disk enough break.
    6. Conduct Defrag periodically: a large quantity of disk fragments and discontinuous disk spaces are generated with hard disk frequently writing and reading and program deleted or installed.
    7. Use table power supple: power supple impurity or underpower would probably lead to data loss and hard disk damage.
    Achieving all content above, your hard disk would enjoy longer life and hard disk data would be secured. However, data loss still occasionally occurs, so we have to copy partition data periodically to prevent data loss.

    Copy partition with MiniTool Partition Wizard
    First, download MiniTool Partition Wizard at https://www.partitionwizard.com/download.html and then install it to computer.
    Launch this partition manager to meet the following interface:

    Click "Copy Partition Wizard" under "Wizards" action panel or click "Copy Partition" under "Operations" action panel to enter copy partition wizard.

    Click "Next" to continue.

    Select the partition to be copied, I: for example, then click "Next".

    Select an unallocated space and click "Next".
    NOTE: to copy partition with partition manager, an unallocated space is a must.

    Adjust partition size and then click "Finish".

    In the two reddened areas, a pending operation and a new NTFS partition sharing same size with I: without a drive letter are added. If we don't want to display this partition on computer, then click "Apply" to finish Copy Partition; or employ the "Change Drive Letter" through right clicking this partition to assign this partition a drive letter to make it visible on computer.