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How to repartition Windows Server?

  • On some occasions, you may need to repartition your server. But the repartition work is by no means an easy task. When repartitioning Windows servers, you need to ensure the safety of your precious data.

    As we all know, Windows Server is a brand name for Server Operating System released by Microsoft Corporation. A server is a computer that provides services or resources to other computers. It may be the most important computer in the whole system because it contains much of the critical data and files on the server partitions. So when installing new software, Server users need to choose a safe one that would cause no data loss or system problems.

    Some times, you will probably want to adjust your partitions on server. What will do? As introduced before, the "Disk Management" built in Windows Server is not a best choice.

    You need a Professional Partition Manager to solve the repartitioning problems of Windows Server.

    Partition Wizard Server Edition is a Professional Partition Manager solution that perform repartitions on Windows Servers with ease and absolute safety of your data.

    Partition Wizard Server Edition is the best choice for Server Partition Management because of its high reliability and security. With MiniTool Partition Manager, you can perform basic and advanced partition operations on your servers without data loss, including: create and deleted server partitions, resize and move server partitions, Copy Partition, Copy Disk, format partitions, hide and unhide server partitions, set active server partition, etc. Changes of server partition can be previewed before applying to hard disk and all data is completely protected during all operations.

    Can I use Partition Wizard Server Edition as a Partition Manager to perform repartition work of Windows Server?

    Absolutely, you can perform repartition work of Windows Server without any risk of data loss.

    What's more, the process of repartition for Windows Server is much easier than any other method.

    1. Launch Partition Wizard Server Edition and you will see its simple yet intuitive user interface.

    2.  Select the partition you would like to perform the repartition. Take disk D for example. Position the mouse pointer on the right partition handle; when the mouse pointer changes to a double-headed arrow, drag the handle to the partition size you want. You can repeat the above procedure for the repartition of other partitions or disks.
    3. You can also select the partition or disk you want to do repartition work upon, then click the button "Resize/Move" and you will see a pop-up dialogue box. You can either drag the handle to adjust the size of the selected partition or input numbers to define the desired size of this partition or disk.

    4. Click OK and finish the operation.

    You can also use the Disk copy functions to copy partitions or disk without data loss.

    Isn't it amazing? If you are a server user with less than 3 machines and if you are interested in this Professional Partition Manager, please click here to buy or try Partition Wizard Server Edition.

    If you are a server user with more than 3 machines, we suggest you try and buy Partition Wizard Enterprise Edition.