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The Best way to Repartition a Hard Drive in Windows 8 without formatting

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    "I have bought a DELL Inspiron N5520 15.6" laptop (Windows 8 64-bit OS). I have only 1 drive in it (i.e. only C Drive). I want to know how to split the hard drive into more partitions. Further I want to install Linux and Win 7 on the drive other than C:\ (because i want to use some software which are not running on windows 8). " --By anujvarshney from Tomshardware

    How to Repartition a hard drive Windows 8 1 Although Windows 10 has been released for a period of time, there are still a large number of computer users stick to Windows 8. When partitioning a hard drive for the first time, many fresh hands just partition it to one partition or partition at random. Another possibility is that the computer is bought with only one partition on the disk, just as the situation anujvarshney encountered. Simply one partition will bring users a lot of inconvenience and troubles, or even make computer run slow after a period of time. In addition, partitioning randomly may generate the situation where a certain partition runs out of space.

    Often at this time, Windows 8 users might be wondering: can I partition a drive with data on it? And how to partition a hard drive on windows 8 without formatting?

    About Repartition Hard Drive

    "Disk partitioning is the division of a computer hard disk or other secondary storage into one or more regions. Many computers have hard disk drives with only a single partition but others have multiple partitions so that an operating system can manage information in each region separately." --From Wikipedia

    Repartitioning hard disk contains lots of operations, like creating a new partition, deleting partition, formatting partition, extending partition, shrinking partition, splitting partition, and merging partition. Some are basic functions and the others are advanced ones. To perform basic partitioning like creating more partitions, users like anujvarshney just need to make use of system built-in Disk Management tool. They can shrink the volume first and then create volume on the unallocated space.

    How to Repartition a hard drive Windows 8 2
    How to Repartition a hard drive Windows 8 3

    But when it comes to performing advanced functions like resizing, users need the help of third-party partition manager. 

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    100% Safe Way to Repartition a Hard Drive for Windows 8

    Currently, all kinds of software can be found on the internet, and partition software is not an exception. Google "professional partition manager" and users will be given lots of results. Nevertheless, among countless tools, many users have difficulties in making the best choice. Aiming at this situation, we suggest using MiniTool Partition Wizard.

    Want to know the best part? Now let’s see how to repartition a hard drive for Windows 8 by using this partition manager.

    Step1. Launch MiniTool Partition Wizard to open the main interface.

    In the main interface, as long as users select a partition, they can see lots of advanced partition functions Disk Management tool of Windows 8 does not have, including “Move/Resize Partition”, “Extend Partition”, “Merge Partition”, “Split Partition”, “Align Partition”, etc.

    How to Repartition a hard drive Windows 8 4

    Step2. We just take extending partition C for example to show users how to repartition a hard drive in Windows 8 easily and safely. Select partition C and choose the function “Extend Partition” to get the following interface: 

    Here, users can take free space from an existing partition or unallocated space to extend partition C and drag sliding button to decide how much free space to take. Then, click “OK” button to go back to the main interface: 

    How to Repartition a hard drive Windows 8 5

    Step3. We can see partition C has been enlarged to 38.8GB from original 30.3GB though there is no unallocated space neighboring to partition C (Windows built-in disk management tool will fail to extend partition if there is no unallocated space contiguous to target partition, view the solution for extend volume grayed out.). At this time, as long as users click “Apply” button, they can get the real effect on computer. In fact, other partition operations can also be realized easily and safely by using this program. 

    How to Repartition a hard drive Windows 8 6

    Are you troubled by how to repartition a hard drive in Windows 8 without losing data? Just make full use of Disk Management tool or MiniTool Partition Wizard to create partition, extend partition, shrink partition, merge partition, split partition, and so on. 

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