Samsung Data Migration program can migrate data from HDD to SSD. If Samsung data migration cloning failed, you could try using MiniTool Partition Wizard. This tool offers Migrate OS to SSD/HD Wizard to help you migrate OS to SSD easily.

I bought a new Samsung SSD. I was wondering how I can clone my current C: drive with my OS on it to my new SSD and use my SSD as my boot drive/OS. What is the best process for this? Do I just use the Samsung Data Migration program on the SSD CD that came with the drive?

Also, after cloning do I need to change the boot order in the BIOS, so it boots to my SSD, or does the cloning software do that?

What’s, more, I also want to know what I should do if Samsung data migration cloning failed.

Now, in today’s pot, you not only can learn how to use the Samsung Data Migration software to complete this task but also will find an effective solution to solve the Samsung cloning failed issue.

Overview of Samsung Data Migration Cloning Failed

Samsung Data Migration

As we know, Samsung solid-state drive (SSD) is preferred by a lot of computer users due to its excellent performance. In order to make their SSD products more popular, Samsung even provides users with a tool to help migrate data from HDD to SSD, which is called Samsung Data Migration. Detailed steps are shown here.

  1. First, you need to connect your new Samsung SSD to your computer.
  2. Next, turn the computer and then download Samsung’s Data Migration software from the official Samsung SSD website, and install it on the computer. The program will perform an update check after installation. It is highly recommended to update to the latest version before you run the application.
  3. After that, launch it to get its main interface as follows, and then click on Start in the bottom right-hand corner to start the cloning process.

Samsung data migration

Note: The cloning itself is done in Windows and may take a while to complete. Once completed, you need to either select the new drive to boot from or, disconnect the original source disk from the computer so that the new drive is picked up automatically during the boot process.

Samsung Data Migration Cloning Failed

Samsung Data Migration is indeed an effective tool for migrating OS, but it is not the best choice for us.

If you browse Windows forum, Windows Seven forum, as well as other major forums and portals, you will find a great number of Samsung SSD users who tried to transfer their OS with Data Migration software end up with various error codes. Or Samsung SSD cloning failed with a message that “Target Disk has been disconnected.”

I used Samsung Data Migration, and it seemed to work. Then it booted but after login, went into a blue screen of semi-consciousness with Windows preparing or something similar, and finally to a screen where mouse works but nothing else does and it’s a black screen.

What’s the reason and how can we complete successful migration? The most probable reason may be that boot information or boot parameters are damaged or not updated simultaneously. In this situation, what should we do?

How to Fix: Samsung Data Migration Cloning Failed

How to fix the Samsung Data Migration not working issue? Here we summarize 4 applicable ways. Let’s start trying.

# 1. Use an Alternative Migration Tool – MiniTool Partition Wizard

As a matter of fact, people who had successfully completed OS migration have a professional migration tool. Now, you’re probably wondering: “How do I find a professional tool in place of Samsung migration software to avoid the Samsung data migration error?”

Well, MiniTool Partition Wizard is recommended here. By using this simple and professional software, we can easily solve the “Samsung data migration cloning failed” issue. Developed by MiniTool Solution Ltd., this professional tool offers 3 options to help to migrate OS to SSD (whether Samsung SSD or not), including,

Migrate OS to SSD/HD Wizard: migrate operating system to HDD or SSD (boot information and parameters will be fixed and updated, which is one of the keys to making the system bootable). More information can be found in Failed to Migrate Your Disk or System to SSD.

Copy Disk: clone all partitions and data from one disk to SSD (boot information and parameters will be fixed and updated).

Copy Partition: clone a partition as well as its data to SSD without any data loss and in simple operations.

It is not suggested that users copy the Windows partition for system migration, because this may create an unbootable Windows. This Why Windows Won’t Boot from the Cloned System Partition post will tell you more about the answer.

In a word, polls show that MiniTool Partition Wizard has helped lots of users migrate their Windows from HDD to SSD. And many users said it works much better than Samsung’s Data migration tool.

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Well then, how to transfer Windows OS from HDD to SSD by using MiniTool? Next, let’s see detailed steps.

MiniTool Partition Wizard DemoClick to Download100%Clean & Safe

Step-by-Step Guide to Migrate OS to SSD

Firstly, launch MiniTool Partition Wizard to get its starting interface. Here, to migrate OS to HDD/SSD, you need to choose the function “Migrate OS to SSD/HD Wizard” from the left panel.

click Migrate OS to SSD/HD Wizard from the left panel

Step 2. MiniTool Partition Wizard will ask you how do you want to migrate your OS. Here take option B – copy the system required partitions only for example. Click next after the selection.

select the method to migrate OS to SSD

Step 3. select the destination disk (SSD) to transfer Windows OS to and then click on “Next” to move on.

Note: Please back up all needed files in SSD since their original data will be deleted during migration.

select target disk to migrate OS

Step 4. choose a suitable way to migrate OS and click on “Next” button. However, if you want to choose “Use GUID Partition Table for the Target Disk”, a license is required.

choose copy options

Tip: The option “Force to align partitions to 1MB” is checked by default. By checking it, all partitions on SSD will be aligned automatically so that performance can be improved largely.

Step 5. In this window, you will receive the following tip.

“To boot from the new disk, please configure the computer BIOS setting. Make sure the new disk is configured as the default boot disk.”

Please keep this in mind and click the “Finish” button to go back to the main interface.

Step 6. click the “Apply” button on the top to make all changes performed.

click apply

Tip: Since you are migrating Windows OS which is loaded now, MiniTool Partition Wizard will ask you to restart the computer, which is to protect the system. Please do as told, and then all changes will be made in boot mode.

Afterward, choose a suitable way to migrate OS and click on the “Next” button.

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After all changes are made, the computer will restart. To boot from SSD, you need to enter BIOS before Windows is loaded, and then set the SSD as the first boot device. 

Video for migrating OS to SSD/HDD

Step-by-Step Guide to Copy OS to SSD

As we know, Copy Disk feature provided by MiniTool Partition Wizard can also help to transfer OS to SSD with ease. Detailed steps are shown here.

Step 1: Launch MiniTool Partition Wizard.

Step 2: Select the disk which needs copying and activate “Copy Disk” on the left panel.

Step 3: Select the disk that will save the copy of the source disk as the target disk and then click “Next.”

elect disk to copy disk

The target disk should be large enough to hold all contents on the source disk, and you also need to backup all important data on this target disk in advance, because all its data will be deleted. 

Step 4: Choose a copying method to decide the layout of the target disk and then click “Next.”

select copy options

There are 3 copying methods in total.

If you choose the first one, all space on the target disk will be taken up.

By using the second method, all partitions will be copied to the target disk without changing their size.

By choosing the third method, you are able to change partition size.

Moreover, it is highly suggested that SSD and advanced format HDD users keep checking the option “Force to align partitions to 1MB”. 

Step 5: Read the note carefully which shows how to boot from the target disk, and then click the “Finish” button to go back to the main interface.

Step 6: click the “Apply” button on the top left corner to apply all pending operations.

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Video tutorial for copying disk

Now you would know how to migrate Windows OS from HDD to SSD successfully, and MiniTool Partition Wizard is undoubtedly a good alternative to Samsung’s Data Migration tool.

# 2. Check Your SSD for Errors

Another possible reason for the Samsung Data Migration not working problem is the SSD itself. If you have a faulty SSD, you may encounter the problem as well. Now, you can try running the CHKDSK command to repair that.

Step 1. Press Win + R keys to open the Run box, and then type cmd in it and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter keys to invoke the elevated Command Prompt window. Click on Yes when you are prompted by the UAC confirmation.

Step 2. Type the following command and hit Enter.


run CHKDSK command

Once done, restart your PC and see if the Samsung Data Migration not working issue persists.

# 3. Check the SATA-to-USB Cable

Some user reported that they get stuck on the Samsung Data Migration cloning failed issue due to a loss of connection between the SSD and its cable. If you are using a faulty SATA-to-USB cable or adapter, we recommend you try to connect the SSD with a built-in cable instead of this cable. Or, you can try using a SATA cable.

# 4. Check the Available Space on the SSD

In addition to the above circumstances, insufficient space on the target SSD can result in the “the Samsung Data Migration not working” issue too. If you have a large number of oversize files on the system drive, you’d better transfer them to another location beforehand and restore them to the cloned Samsung SSD afterward. Or, you can try using a larger SSD to complete the migration.

2 Necessary Tools for SSD Users

As we know, SSD is better than HDD. To be specific, SSD does not possess any head. Instead, it uses flash memory as the storage medium, and the seek time is almost ZERO, without any delay.

As well, more and more users like to migrate their OS to SSD to shorten the boot time and enhance the performance of the computer, and Clone Hard Drive to SSD for Disk Upgrade.

Now, to help you easily complete these tasks and perfectly manage privacy security, we will show two programs.

Partitioning Freeware

The professional partitioning program – MiniTool Partition Wizard – can help to easily and quickly manage SSD/HDD partitions. It not only can help to migrate OS to SSD/HDD to solve the “Samsung SSD cloning failed” issue, but also can help you to solve other different kinds of problems as follows:

It can enlarge the Windows partition to be larger when it is running in low disk space. More details can be found in What Can You Do When is the C Drive Running Out of Space?

It can wipe a drive to erase private information completely.

It can recover lost/deleted partitions or align all partitions to get the best performance from SSD or do the best SSD optimization, etc.

What’s more, this software supports various operating systems including Windows Vista/XP/7/8/10 (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows Server 2003/2008/2011/2012, and Windows PC OS 32-bit and 64 bit. 

Data Recovery Software

Although SSD is doing much better than HDD, data stored on SSD are not safe all the time. For instance, you mistakenly formatted a partition; you accidentally deleted some important data or partitions; your SSD was infected by a virus or malware, etc.

Therefore, if your SSD data are lost caused to various reasons and there is no backup, you should keep calm and turn to MiniTool Power Data Recovery for help the first time.

We recommend you to use the Trial version to scan the data and if it works, upgrade to the free edition afterward.

If TRIM of SSD is enabled when you are deleting files, data recovery may be impossible. And, if file loss is caused by hardware failure or lost files have been overwritten by new data, there is no way to recover them. You can read our previous post SSD Data Recovery to get more details.

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Bottom Line

Are you still worried about the “Samsung data migration cloning failed” problem?

Now, after reading this post, you will find a more reliable tool, which is called MiniTool Partition Wizard. This professional partitioning program can easily migrate OS to SSD or HDD without damaging the original data.

If you have any questions or good suggestions about Samsung data migration error or MiniTool Partition Wizard, please feel free to leave them in the following Comment.

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