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The Minecraft exit code often comes with the error message “Process crashed with exit code 1”. As it is hard to find the exact reason behind the error, a lot of gamers are confused by it. However, it can be concluded that the causes for the Minecraft exit code -1 are related to Java, Minecraft’s settings or configurations, and PC.

Try the following solutions one by one until the exit code 1 disappears.

Solution 1: Modify the Minecraft Launcher Path

If there are any special character in your Windows account username, the exit code 1 Minecraft will appear. At this time, you can change the Minecraft Launcher path using the guide below.

Step 1: Exit Minecraft, and then right-click on the Minecraft shortcut on the computer and select Properties.


If you don’t have a Minecraft shortcut, create one manually by heading to the installation directory of Minecraft > right-clicking the Minecraft.exe file and creating a shortcut.

Step 2: Move to the Shortcut tab.

Step 3: Add “-workDir %ProgramData%.minecraft” at the end of the Target bar.

change the path

Step 4: Click OK to save changes and then launch Minecraft to see if exit code 1 still appears. If the error persists, create another Windows account with no special characters using the steps below.

  • Open Settings by clicking Windows and I
  • Select Accounts > Email & accounts > Add an account.
  • Choose com and then follow the on-screen instructions to finish the process.
  • Try launching Minecraft with the newly created account.

Solution 2: Change the Java Executable Path

If there are any issues with the working directory of Java, you may receive the Minecraft exit code -1. If so, edit the Java executable path in Minecraft’s settings with these steps.

Step 1: Open the Minecraft Launcher on the computer and tap Launch Options to continue.

Step 2: Turn on the Java executable toggle.

Step 3: Edit the Java executable path. The original path shows the Java filename as javaw.exe where the issue lies. You should modify the Java path as java.exe.

Step 4: Tap on the Save button to finish the edition job.

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Solution 3: Disable Mods

Though Minecraft mods bring you fun during the gameplay, they can affect your game and trigger issues like exit code 1 Minecraft. Besides, Mojang often release news updates for Minecraft that may be incompatible with some mods.

To know if mods are the fault for the Minecraft exit code -1 error, try disabling them with the following steps.

Step 1: Open the Run window by pressing Windows and R keys.

Step 2: Type %AppData% in the Run window and click OK or press Enter.

find app data

Step 3: In the Roaming window, find and open the .minecraft folder.

Step 4: Open the Logs folder and then open the latest.txt file.

Step 5: Check the logs for a problem with any mod.

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Solution 4: Reinstall Java

As the exit code 1 Minecraft can be caused by a Java error, an available solution is to reinstall Java. Here’s the guide for you.

Step 1: Uninstall Java before reinstalling it.

  • Open the Start menu by right-clicking on the Windows icon and then click on Apps and Features.
  • In the next window, scroll down the content to find Java.
  • Click on Java and tap Uninstall. If necessary, click Uninstall to confirm the operation.

Step 2: After uninstalling Java from the computer, move to this page to download and install the latest version of Java.

Step 3: Play Minecraft again to see if the exit code 1 disappears.

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Solution 5: Reinstall Minecraft

If Minecraft exit code 1 still appears after trying the above methods, try reinstalling Minecraft. Likewise, you need to uninstall Minecraft first. Follow the steps below to uninstall and then reinstall Minecraft now!

Step 1: Open the Run window, and then input control and hit Press.

Step 2: In the next window, find and click Programs and Features.

click Programs and Features

Step 3: Find and click on Minecraft from the list of installed apps in the next window. Then click Uninstall and confirm the operation.

Step 4: After that, move to the official website of Minecraft to download and install it.

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