This post shows you how to redirect Windows 11 Widgets from Edge to Chrome in detail. If you are going to redirect search and Widgets links to Chrome, you come to the right place as MiniTool Partition Wizard offers you a step-by-step full guide in this post.

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Windows 11 Widgets

You may find the Widgets option in the Taskbar after installing Windows 11. The Windows 11 Widgets automatically create an AI-powered personalized feed of news, weather, sports, and other updates based on the user’s interest.

The Widgets tab features weather information, stock prices, reminders, emails, and suggested news.

You can customize your feed by adding or removing Widgets and even resize Widgets. Each time you click on any article from Widgets, Windows 11 redirects you to Microsoft Edge automatically even if you have set other browsers as default. How to redirect Windows 11 Widgets from Edge to Chrome? This post will walk you through the process.

Top 5 Solutions to Widgets Not Working on Windows 11
Top 5 Solutions to Widgets Not Working on Windows 11

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Redirect Windows 11 Widgets from Edge to Chrome

You can’t directly redirect Windows 11 Widgets from Edge to Chrome or other default browsers. Instead, you need to use utilities like MSEdgeRedirect or Edge Deflector to redirect search and Widgets links to Chrome. In this scenario, we use MSEdgeRedirect – an open-source Windows 11 app to redirect Windows 11 searches.

EdgeDeflector is also an open-source tool that sits between the Widget menu and Microsoft Edge. Whenever you click a Widget, it picks up the link and redirects it to your default browser. However, it doesn’t work with the latest Windows.

MSEdgeRedirect catches and filters the command arguments of Microsoft Edge and passes them to your default browser. Now, download and install MSEdgeRedirect and then redirect search and Widgets links to Chrome with it. Here’s the full tutorial.

Step 1: Navigate to GitHub and then download MSEdgeRedirect.exe.

download MSEdgeRedirect from GitHub

Step 2: Double-click on the setup file to run it. In the pop-up window, accept the license and click Next.

accept the license

Step 3: In the next window, choose Active Mode and click Next.

choose Active Mode

Step 4: Under the Active Mode Options section, choose the version of Microsoft Edge to redirect.

Step 5: Under the Additional Redirections section, select the options to make Chrome or Firefox the default for Bing Search and Images, and other features you would like to redirect to your default browser.

Step 6: Click Install to get the program installed.

install MSEdgeRedirect

Step 7: After the installation process ends, click the Finish button.

Once MSEdgeRedirect is installed, it can help you redirect and open Windows 11 widget links in Google Chrome.

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How to redirect and open Windows 11 widget links in Google Chrome? This post offers you a complete guide. You can refer to the given steps to finish the operation.

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