From this post, you can learn the pros and cons of widget notifications. Based on that, it shows you how to disable Widget notifications on Windows 11. If you want to turn off widget notifications, follow the steps offered by Partition Magic in this post.

About Widget Notifications

Microsoft provides two types of widget notifications on Windows 11. You can get a quick preview by reading the content below.

  • Dynamic notifications: The widget notifications are updated to offer relevant and updated information. For instance, the weather widget shows the weather information about your present location. Once the weather changes, the widget is updated to inform you about the temperature change.
  • Badge notifications: The widget displays multiple notifications as badges from a specific interest that you follow. If you have selected to receive new notifications, several news feeds will be displayed as badge numbers. All the news updates will be shown if you click on the widget.

You should note that widget notifications will only appear if you have marked specific topics as your interest or configured any of the Widgets. You can manage your Widget interests by opening the Widget panel > clicking on the profile picture > clicking Manage Interests > and selecting or unselecting any of the interests for news, sports, money, lifestyle, etc.

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Pros and Cons of Widget Notifications

The pros and cons of widget notifications are listed as follows. That’s also the reason why you enable or disable widget notifications.

Widget notifications on Windows 11 offer you quick access to personalized information and functionality. To be specific, you can obtain information without opening multiple applications or websites. With a glance, you can stay up to date with weather updates, calendar events, news headlines, etc.

However, widget notifications sometimes can be a source of distraction, bringing your attention away from the current task. Constant interruptions from widget notifications can disrupt your workflow, which makes it hard for you to maintain focus and concentration. Given facts like that, you may want to turn off widget notifications.

How to enable or disable widget notifications on Windows 11? The section below will illustrate that for you.

Disable Widget Notifications on Windows 11

The following steps show you how to disable widget notifications on Windows 11.

Widget notifications are enabled by default. If necessary, you can enable widget notifications manually.

Step 1: Open the Widgets board by pressing the Windows and W keys simultaneously. Alternatively, you can also hover the mouse pointer over the widget icon on the taskbar to open it.

Step 2: Click on the profile icon at the upper right corner of the Widgets board to open Settings.

Step 3: Under the Widgets taskbar behaviors, you can configure the following widget options. In this scenario, you should toggle off the “Show notifications badges” and “Show announcements” options to turn off widget notifications. To enable widget notifications, you should toggle off the “Open Widgets board on hover” option.

  • Open Widgets board on hover: Opens the Widgets board when hovering on the taskbar icon.
  • Show notifications badges: Get Widget notification badges on the taskbar.
  • Show announcements: Get announcements from the Widgets on the taskbar.

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This post shows you the main types, pros, and cons of widget notifications. Then it offers you the steps to turn off widget notifications on Windows 11. If you don’t want to be interrupted by widget notifications, disable them with the steps given in this post.

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