What are the pros and cons of Windows 10? If you are running this system, you should learn that to have an overall understanding of it. Well, MiniTool will list Windows 10 pros and cons in this post.

Whether to Use Windows 10

Windows 10, released in 2015, is a major release of the Windows NT operating system. Since its release, it is widely used. Compared with previous operating systems of Microsoft, Windows 10 has more advantages.

However, many people still don’t want to upgrade to Windows 10. Why? It mainly results from the disadvantage of Windows 10. What are pros and cons of Windows 10? Please keep reading the post.

Tip: Should I upgrade to Windows 10? You may also have such doubt like many other users. If so, read the post and then make your choice.

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You have various ways to install, reinstall, or upgrade Windows 10. To be specific, the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool is helpful on upgrading and reinstalling Windows 10, while the Windows USB/DVD Download Tool enables you to install Windows 10 without running the exist system.

Benefits of Windows 10

In this part, some Windows 10 advantages will be talked about. You can check them one by one.

Higher Security Level

Compared with previous Microsoft systems, Windows 10 has a higher security level. For instance, it offers better mobile device management so that IT firms can carry out Mobile Device Management repairs easily and extend the reach of IT supports.

With new and improved applications, it is hard to infect Windows 10 PCs with malicious software. The newly added feature Windows Hello enables your computer to be unlocked with a fingerprint, iris scanner or face recognition, which is more difficult to hack than the standard password.

Before a computer to be infected with malicious software, Windows 10 will automatically encrypt file with its built-in program – BitLocker. As Windows Defender is included and activated with each license of Windows 10, your computer can be protected well.

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High Performance

Another Windows 10 advantage is that it is light and fast. It is efficient so that less processing power is required. Besides, the start-up time, applications loading time, and the battery consumption has been optimized. In a word, Windows 10 has higher performance than previous systems.

DirectX 12

DirectX 12 is one of popular Windows 10 advantages, because it is essential for all PC gaming these days. Moreover, it allows your computer to do with the calculations performed during game more efficiently.

Tip: DirectX is not available on any of Windows’ previous systems.

The processor and video card in Windows 10 benefits a lot from DirectX 12. To sum up, DirectX 12 boosts the gaming experience from better graphics to power consumption and performance.

Desktop and Tablet Mode

As two-in-one devices are becoming more and more popular, Windows 10 is built with touch screen compatibility. If you get a touch screen or hybrid device, Windows 10 would be ideal. The Windows 10 Touch View even makes it easy to switch between desktop mode and tablet mode.

The Start button and the Taskbar are available in tablet mode. When you are back on laptop or dock, you can switch to desktop mode that shifts your interface design to allow mouse and keyboard interactions.

Full Control of Windows 10

One of benefits of Windows 10 is the full control of the system.The updated Control Panel setting grants you full control over Windows 10 only if you are the administrator. It means that you can lock guest users out from making changes.

You can also decide which programs should automatically start when the PC is turned on. For programs you don’t use, simply switch off them. You even can remove any unwanted applications including pre-installed ones through Settings.

Disadvantages of Windows 10

As a coin has two sides, Windows 10 also has some downsides. Here, we list the disadvantage of Windows 10.

Compulsory Updates

One main disadvantage of Windows 10 is the compulsory updates. The updates of Windows 10 add some new features and offer patches to known issues indeed. However, some updates crash or disrupt the smooth running of PCs. They even bring more issues.

In addition, keep updating is rather confusing. The good new is that you can opt out of updates based on your demands. For more details, read the post: How to Stop Windows 10 Update Permanently

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Compatibility Issues

Older programs and applications may not be compatible with Windows 10. Additionally, Windows 10 has its minimum requirements for a computer. It is recommended that you should check if your computer meets the minimum requirements of Windows 10 before upgrading to it.

Tip: Follow these Steps to Check If Windows 7 Apps Compatible with Windows 10.

Privacy Issues

According to power-users and developers, Microsoft could track users via privacy setting options. And the point is that what information Microsoft exactly collects and how they use the data.

Applications to track user data usually are preinstalled in Windows 10. Fortunately, you can disable them manually. For example, you can disable Cortana whenever you want.

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Missing Apps

Apps like Windows Media Center and Windows Photo Viewer is not available in Windows 10 anymore. What’s worse, there is no standard DVD player. Of course, there are some substitutes that you can download.

Bottom Line

After learning the pros and cons of Windows 10, you can decide whether to use Windows 10 now. Trying  the new system version – Windows 11 is  also OK.

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