As you know, Microsoft keeps releasing Windows updates to provide new features and offer patches to known issues. The question is how to force Windows 10 update when it doesn’t update automatically. Here, MiniTool would share some methods with you.

Why to Force Update Windows 10

To add new features and offer patches to bugs in previous versions, Microsoft continuously releases new Windows updates. Then Windows users will have a better experience. Generally speaking, the Windows Update feature in Settings can automatically download and install the latest update for you.

However, this feature sometimes may go wrong. The following are some common issues with the Windows Update feature.

Then you need to force update Windows 10 by yourself. How to do that? In this post, several methods will be talked about. You can pick one according to your situation to force Windows update.

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Method 1: Force Windows 10 Update via WuInstall

WuInstall, a Windows command line tool, makes IT administrators script Windows updates. It enables admins to enforce query, download, and installation of Windows Updates so that the whole updating process is more controlled and user-friendly.

You can use WuInstall alone or in combination with WSUS or other system management programs. With this tool, you can manage a small network with ten machines and big networks with thousands of clients or servers.

To use WuInstall, follow these steps.

Step 1: Click here to download and install WuInstall.

Tip: To get the 30-day free trial, you need to fulfil some information like email address, company name, etc. Then click the link sent in the email box to download and install the program.

Step 2: Type cmd in the search box, and then right-click on Command Prompt and tap Run as administrator.

Step 3: Then type the following commands and hit Enter after each.

  • wuinstall /search
  • wuinstall /download
  • wuinstall /install 

Step 4: Wait for the finish of update installation.

Method 2: Force Windows 10 Update via Command Line

Here’s the guide on how to force Windows 10 update

Step 1: Run Command Prompt as administrator from the search box.

Step 2: Type wuauclt.exe /updatenow and hit Enter. Then this command will force Windows to check for updates.

type and execute the command

Step 3: Open Settings by pressing Windows and I keys and then navigate to the Update & Security section.

Step 4: Click Windows Update > Check for updates. Then you will see the “Check for updates” message.

Step 5: Now, follow the on-screen instruction to finish the update installation process.

In conclusion, this post offers you two ways to perform Windows 10 force update. You can choose one from them to force update Windows 10.

In addition to the above methods, you can also use tools like Windows 10 Media Creation Tool and Windows USB/DVD Download Tool to install or update the latest version of Windows 10. Alternatively, you can use a Windows migration tool to get the newest version of Windows 10. For instance, the Migrate OS to SSD/HD feature of MiniTool Partition Wizard can help you do that with ease.

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