Derived from AMD FM2+ CPU, this article describes related contents about socket FM2+, FM2 and FM1, together with their available chipsets and coolers. To dig further, the MiniTool partition manager site can help.

FM2+ CPU Overview

FM2+ CPU refers to central processing units (CPUs) that are compatible with AMD FM2+ Socket.

Socket FM2+, also known as FM2b or FM2r2, is a type of CPU socket designed by CPU manufacturer AMD for its desktop “Kaveri” APUs (Accelerated Processing Unit) and Godavari APUs (both are Steamroller-based) for connecting the motherboard. This kind of mainboard can also be called an FM2+ motherboard.

There are three PCIe cores on Socket FM2+, two 5 x8 cores and one 2 x16 cores. There are also eight configurable ports that can be sorted into two groups as below:

  • GPP group – Includes 5 General Purpose Ports (GPP) and 1 x4 UMI (Unified Media Interface).
  • Gfx group – Includes 2 x8 slots with each port can be limited to lower link widths for programs requiring fewer lanes. Also, the 2 slots can be combined into one X16 link.

All those PCI-E links can support PCIe 2.x data rate. Moreover, the Gfx group links can support the PCI-e 3.x data rate.

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FM2 vs FM2+

Compared with its predecessor FM2, FM2+ has 906 pin contacts and its 2 pins more. Therefore, FM2+ APUs (“Kaveri”) aren’t compatible with Socket FM2 motherboards. Yet, FM2 processors/APUs like “Trinity” and “Richland” are compatible with the FM2+ socket.

What Is Socket FM1?

FM1 Socket, launched in July 2011, is a kind of processor socket or slot for a desktop motherboard using AMD early A-series APUs (“Llano”) and Llano-derived Athlon II processors. It is directly replaced by Socket FM2.

Socket FM1

About FM2 Socket

FM2 Socket is very similar to Socket FM1; they are both based on a 31x31 grid of pins with a 5x7 central void, 3 pins missing from 4 corners and a few other key pins missing. Compared with the FM1 socket, 2 key pins were moved and 1 more is removed, leaving the final 904 pins.

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FM1 vs FM2 vs FM2+

Here is a table comparing some basic parameters between socket FM1 and FM2.

Socket Type Chip form factors Pins/contacts FSB protocol Processors Predecessor Successor
FM1 PGA-ZIF PGA 905 UMI Early A-series APUs - FM2
  • Trinity & Richland APUs
  • Athlon X2 & Athlon X4 CPUs
FM1 FM2+
FM2+ µPGA-ZIF PGA 906 UMI/ports
  • “Kaveri” APUs
  • Godavari APUs
FM2 -

FM2+ CPU Cooler

The heatsinks for these AMD’s sockets, including socket FM2, socket AM2, socket AM2+, socket AM3 and socket AM3+, are the same. The four holes for fastening the heat sink to the motherboard are placed in a rectangle with lateral lengths of 48x96 mm. So, cooling solutions for those sockets can be interchangeable.

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Available Chipsets for FM-series Sockets

Generally, the chipsets that are compatible with FM-series sockets are Fusion Controller Hubs (FCHs). Before 2017, from 2011 to 2016, only APUs use FCHs. In 2017, AMD implements FCHs into their products alongside the launch of the Zen architecture. Those products are called FCHs chipsets and they include the below models:

  • A55T
  • A50M
  • A60M
  • A68M
  • A70M
  • A76M
  • A45
  • A55
  • A58
  • A68H
  • A75
  • A78
  • A85X
  • A88X
  • A55E
  • A77E
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