This article mainly talks about F CPU Socket and the Opteron processors that are compatible with this socket. There are all 9 Opteron CPU series which can be fit into socket F motherboard. Learn more details on MiniTool partition software site.

F CPU Socket Definition

Socket F is designed for AMD’S server CPUs. It is regarded as in the same generation as Socket AM2 and Socket S1, with the former applied for the Athlon 64 & Athlon 64 X2 and the latter applied for Turion 64 & Turion 64 X2 microprocessors.

CPU Socket F equips with 1207 pins on its 1.1 mm pitch and adopts an LGA (Land Grid Array) connection. It is the base of the AMD Quad FX Platform released by AMD on Nov. 30, 2006. The revised version of type F socket, called Socket 1207 FX by AMD and Socket L1 by NVIDIA, enables dual-socket, dual-core (4 effective cores and 8 effective cores in the future) processors in desktops for home enthusiasts.

Socket F

About Socket F+

Socket F+, also called Socket Fr2, is a type of processor socket for AMD server CPUs, which starts from the 45 nm Gen of the K10 CPU family. It is designed to replace the Socket F. The main difference between the 2 kinds of sockets is the supported HyperTransport version. F+ Socket supports HyperTransport 3.0 at up to 2.6 GHz speed and is backward compatible with version 2.0 & 1.0, while F socket supports HyperTransport 2.0 at 1.0 GHz speed.

Socket AM3+ CPU/Processor: Basic Information
Socket AM3+ CPU/Processor: Basic Information

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F CPU Socket Revisions

From the oldest to the newest:

  • Socket Fr1: Three HyperTransport 2.x links with 1 GHz, single-plane power-supply circuit.
  • Socket Fr2: Three HyperTransport 2.x links with 1 GHz, dual-plane power-supply circuit.
  • Socket Fr3: Three HyperTransport 2.x links with 1 GHz, unbuffered DDR2 SDRAM (special for Quad-FX).
  • Socket Fr5: Three HyperTransport 3.x links with 2.2 GHz for CPU; one HyperTransport 3.x link between CPU with 2.2 GHz, two HT 2.x links with 1 GHz for I/O operations on motherboards.
  • Socket Fr6: Three HyperTransport 3.x links with 2.4 GHz, support for Snoop-Filter (HT-Assist)
Tip: All versions except the Fr1 socket require a dual-plane power-supply circuit for the CPU; all versions except the Fr3 socket require the use of registered DDR2 SDRAM.

What CPU Can Be Used on a Motherboard with an F CPU Socket?

Just as mentioned in the first part of this article, the type F tower socket is designed by AMD (F CPU socket manufacturer) for its Opteron line of processors published on August 15, 2006, and later until 2010, we filter out those CPUs from the list of AMD Opteron microprocessors as below:

  • Opteron 2200 series “Santa Rosa” (90 nm)
  • Opteron 8200 series “Santa Rosa” (90 nm)
  • Opteron 2300 series “Barcelona” (65 nm)
  • Opteron 8300 series “Barcelona” (65 nm)
  • Opteron 1300 series “Suzuka” (45 nm): Quad-core and energy-efficient including Opteron 13KS EE and Opteron 13QS HE two models.
  • Opteron 2300 series “Shanghai” (45 nm)
  • Opteron 8300 series “Shanghai” (45 nm)
  • Opteron 2400 series “Istanbul” (45 nm)
  • Opteron 8400 series “Istanbul” (45 nm)
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Socket AM4 CPU/Processor, AM4 CPU Cooler and AM4 Chipsets

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In a Nutshell Overall

F CPU Socket is one of the processor socket kinds that are designed by CPU manufacturer AMD for its different series of chipsets. And, socket F is special for part of AMD’s Opteron processor series that is launched from 2006.08.15 until 2010. F socket type has five revisions and they are mainly different in HyperTransport and power-supply.

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