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NTFS hard disk recovery

  • Because of the promotion of Microsoft, NTFS partition has gradually replaced FAT32 partition, becoming the most popular partition file format. However, when we feast on the convenience and safety brought by NTFS partition, we may encounter NTFS partition loss. As the lost partition may store important files, we certainly hope to find them back. How to recover lost NTFS partition? MiniTool Partition Wizard, providing "Partition Recovery Wizard", is a good choice to recover NTFS partition.

    Reasons for Microsoft's promoting NTFS partition
    NTFS is developed for Windows NT and the later editions of operating systems. Compared with other file systems, it has many advantages.
    1. Provides file encryption function to improve data security.
    2. Possesses better disk compression ability.
    3. Supports maximum disk of 2TB. And along with the increase of disk capacity, performance of NTFS will not reduce as FAT does.
    4. Allows access permission to single file and folder.
    5. Has self-repairing function without users operating disk repair program in NTFS.
    6. B-Tree structure in NTFS makes file access faster and more convenient for users.
    7. Single file and folder can be compressed in NTFS.
    8. Supports active directory and domain.
    9. Supports sparse file.
    10. Supports disk quota.

    Powerful "Partition Recovery Wizard" module
    "Partition Recovery Wizard" function module of MiniTool Partition Wizard released by MiniTool Solution Ltd., is specially designed to recover accidentally deleted or lost partitions. Take NTFS partition for example, if it is deleted or lost by accident, the record of NTFS partition in partition table will be eliminated or changed. Therefore, the operating system can not find it when users are to open the NTFS partition. However, during NTFS hard disk recovery, the function module "Partition Recovery Wizard" of MiniTool Partition Wizard can skip the partition table to scan disk directly. And then it will find the lost NTFS partition and record it in partition table again. After the process is finished, the operating system will find the NTFS partition and access its data.

    Tips on using MiniTool Partition Wizard to perform lost NTFS hard disk partition
    To recover lost NTFS partition, please download MiniTool Partition Wizard on the website:
    Run it after installation and the main interface will be shown:

    In this interface, please click function module "Partition Recovery Wizard" to recover lost NTFS partition by following the prompts provided in every step. And the lost NTFS partition and data can be recovered quickly.
    NOTE: Select all partitions that are to be saved, otherwise it will be lost.

    MiniTool Partition Wizard is not only a kind of powerful partition recovery software but also reliable professional partition magic capable of recovering lost NTFS partition and providing better management for disk and partition due to it comprehensive disk management functions like merge partition, resize partition, wipe partition, surface test and rebuild MBR etc.