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Migrate OS to SSD/HD

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    About “Migrate OS to SSD/HD”

    In today’s era, computer hard drive is not only the medium to store and exchange data, it also provides an entertainment way. Users can download good music tracks and movies to the hard drive so as to listen to or watch them whenever they want. As size of files stored on hard drive is increasing, the running speed and responding speed of computer will be greatly affected. Meanwhile, the appearance of SSD offers users a wonderful experience in speed. So to replace the old hard drive with a new SSD or HD becomes the first choice of many users to improve computer performance and speed. More details information about SSD price and performance, you could view at Amazon or other Online store.

    In addition, some large-scale online games are required to download to hard drive. This can easily make the old hard drive run out of space in a short time. The most direct and effective way to deal with this situation is also to replace the old hard drive with a new SSD or HD.

    In order to avoid the troublesome process of reinstalling Windows OS in both cases, users had better migrate OS to SSD or HD. In this way, they are able to start the system successfully on the new SSD/HD.

    But the problem lies in that generally speaking, ordinary users have no idea on how to migrate OS to SSD/HD. Since a tiny mistake from users in the migrating process may do great harm to OS, so they have to be particularly careful when migrating OS to SSD/HD. Taking this into account, we recommend MiniTool Partition Wizard, which is a very powerful partition manager equipped with “Migrate OS to SSD/HD Wizard”.

    The migrate process with Partition Wizard will destroy all data in your target disk, so you’d better transfer data to another device or make a backup in advance. Yet, it doesn’t have any effect on the data in the original disk.

    How to Migrate OS to SSD/HD

    Users just need to run MiniTool Partition Wizard and do what the operation tips suggest. Here is the detailed MiniTool Partition Wizard tutorial on OS migrating.

    migrate os to ssd hd

    1.Click on “Migrate OS to SSD/HD Wizard” in Wizards column or from submenu of “Wizard” to enter the following guide interface.

    migrate os to ssd hd 1

    2.Select the destination disk and click “Next>” to continue.

    migrate os to ssd hd 2

    3.Tap “Yes” to move on.

    migrate os to ssd hd 3

    4.Choose a suitable OS adjustment way and click “Next>” to move on.

    migrate os to ssd hd 4

    5.Read information displayed on interface and click “Finish” to go back to main interface.

    migrate os to ssd hd 5

    6.Tap “Apply” in toolbar to execute pending operations and tap “Yes” in pop-up prompt window to allow changes.