Can Maya OS replace Windows? You may wonder about that after seeing the news that India is going to replace Windows with Maya OS. If so, read this post of MiniTool Partition Wizard to find the answer. Besides, you can learn some additional information about Maya OS.

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About Maya OS

Maya OS is a new operating system that is built based on Ubuntu – a Linux distribution derived from Debian. Different from conventional Linux-based distros, the Maya OS interface looks similar to Microsoft Windows. Furthermore, Maya OS has all the functionality like Windows.

Maya OS was built by the Indian Defense Ministry and various government agencies like the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), and the National Informatics Centre (NIC) in 6 months.

Maya OS includes a lot of features like cloud storage integration, full disk encryption, digital signature, biometric authentication, and Chakravyuh. Discover a seamless blend of cutting-edge functionality and user-friendly design that lets you get more done with ease.

Chakravyuh serves as a robust endpoint solution for anti-malware and antivirus protection. It works as a safeguarding barrier that prevents users from online threats by blocking cybercriminals’ attacks.

You should be aware that traditional Linux-based operating systems like Ubuntu aren’t safer than Windows, macOS, or ChromeOS in essence.

Replace Windows with Maya OS

In June 2022, India decided to use Maya OS to replace Windows in Indian Defense Ministry. Why India made such a decision? Microsoft’s Windows operating system is set to be replaced in response to the growing number of cases of ransomware and malware attacks in the country.

This decision of the Indian Defense Ministry shows its commitment to protecting data and maintaining a solid defense. To implement the replacement successfully, India shows the details of adopting Maya OS.

The Defense Computer Incident Response Team (CIRA) released guidelines, emphasizing the need of data leaks and malware compromises. And the headquarters office has directed the implementation of specific measures on Internet-facing devices. The Competent Authority has instructed all sections in the main office and sub-offices to stick to the security measures discussed above.

To avoid data loss, it’s recommended to back up data on Windows before switching to Maya OS. A direct way is to clone the hard drive by using the Copy Disk feature of MiniTool Partition Wizard or the Clone Disk feature of MiniTool ShadowMaker.

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Can Maya OS Replace Windows in India

Yes, there is a high chance that Maya OS to replace Windows in Indian Defense Ministry. Actually, the Hindu recently reported that the Ministry of Defense has begun to replace Internet-connected computers with Maya OS.

According to a government official, Maya OS is being installed on all Ministry of Defense computers connected to the Internet in the South Block before August 15 or Independence Day.

He also said, “Though it is yet to be installed on computers operated by the three Defense services, it has been permitted by the Navy, and the Air Force and Army are performing their evaluation of the operation system”. The success of adopting Maya OS is decided by its actual implementation, performance, and the Defense Ministry’s ability to keep and update the operating system as time goes by.

International standards and best practices offer a framework for assessing such initiatives. However, each context and situation may have specific considerations. Therefore, the decision to replace Windows with Maya OS can be regarded as a proactive step in line with contemporary global efforts to improve cybersecurity and boost data protection.

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