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The Best EPM Technician Alternative – MiniTool Partition Wizard

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    Disk Management Is Necessary

    disk management As you know, nowadays computers are widely used in all walks of life and you pay much attention to the partition and disk management. As time goes on, a large amount of data, including some work documents, applications, files or folders, is saved on the hard drive of the computer and occupies much disk space. To some degree, it is possible to cause low disk space issue. In addition, in order to ensure data security, you may need to make a backup for all data on the disk or do system migration for disaster recovery. Moreover, when there is a need, you may choose to do conversion between NTFS and FAT or do conversion between GPT and MBR. Therefore, it is necessary to manage disk and partition.

    EPM Technician

    When you need to manage disk and partition, just like the above mentioned cases, you may consider using Disk Management in Windows to do such operations. However, this tool can’t meet your needs to some degree. In this case, you start to look for third-party partition management software. In the software market, there are many kinds of disk management software, among them, EPM Technician is very famous.

    EPM is also called EaseUS Partition Master which is a professional partition magic. It has various partition management functions like create partition, resize partition, set primary and logical partition, etc.

    And in the market, there is Partition Master alternative which is called MiniTool Partition Wizard. This tool is also an excellent and reliable partition manager.

    MiniTool Partition Wizard Technician Edition

    EPM and MiniTool Partition Wizard are two similar disk and partition magic. As one of the best partition software, Partition Wizard also can be used to manage your partitions and disks well in an easy and safe way.  It is a professional partition magic and dynamic disk manager which is developed by Canadian software company, MiniTool Solution Ltd. This tool has five editions, Free Edition, Professional Edition, Server Edition, Enterprise Edition and Technician Edition. The Edition Comparison is here. The Technician Edition is great for enterprise users and it is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 PCs and Windows 2000/2003/2008/2012 Servers.

    MiniTool Partition Wizard Technician Edition can be used to create partition, delete partition, format partition, merge partition resize partition, change cluster size, and set active partition, rebuild MBR, migrate system to SSD/HD, convert NTFS to FAT, convert MBR to GPT etc. In addition, it provides you dynamic disk management feature, including create volume, delete volume, format volume, resize volume, change drive letter, and change cluster size on dynamic disk, etc. Moreover, this edition allows unlimited usage within unlimited companies and provides you free lifetime upgrade.

    main interface

    EPM VS MPW Technician Edition

    Let’s see a table to help you know the different and same functions between EPM and MiniTool Partition Wizard Technician Edition well.

    Features EaseUS Partition Master Technician MiniTool Partition Wizard Technician
    Supports Windows Vista/XP/7/8/10/Server 2000/2003/2008/2012 select select
    Basic Disk and Dynamic Disk Management select select
    Partition Recovery, Rebuild MBR select select
    Convert File System (NTFS to FAT 32&Fat 32 to NTFS) select select
    Convert Disk Style (MBR to GPT & GPT to MBR) select select
    Bootable CD disc select select
    Fully support UEFI boot select select
    Allows Usage within Business Environment select select
    Allows Unlimited Usage within Unlimited Companies select select
    Hard Disk Capacity 16TB 32TB
    Tech Support By email By Mail & Phone
    Enhanced Data Protecting Mode select select


    From the table, you know MiniTool Partition Wizard Technician owns functions which are similar to EPM Technician. But also you can find the difference:

    • Partition Wizard supports up to 32 TB hard drive, but Partition Master only supports 16 TB.
    • In addition, during the process of using MiniTool Partition Wizard, such as resizing partition or migrating OS to SSD/HD, you may need to get help from MiniTool Cooperation, so you can phone to us or email the problem, whereas EaseUS only supports email.
    • Moreover, Partition Wizard Technician provides “Enhanced Data Protecting Mode” during the process of moving/resizing partition with advanced security measure. When you move/resize partition, your data and source files will be under protection. That is to say, when the power failure or hard ware failure happens, the data is safe.

    After learning so much information about EaseUS Partition Master and MiniTool Partition Wizard Technician Edition, you can choose one according to your needs. If you like Partition Wizard, you can buy it now for a try.

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