The green screen of death Windows 10 is a new type of error that often occurs when using a Windows Insider build or Windows Creators. If you are also struggling to fix the vexing issue, you come to the right place. This post of MiniTool will walk you through step-by-step guides to fix the error.

Have you come across the green screen of death error? Similar to the Blue screen of death, the Green screen of death (GSOD) error often appears after the welcome screen. After investigating extensive user reports and posts, we come to the conclusion that the Windows 10 green screen mainly appears during the process of installing a Windows Insider program or using Windows creators.

Here’s a true example from the Microsoft forum:

Hi There. I’ve joined the Windows Insider program and I using windows 10 Pro 64 bit with Version 1803, OS Build 17134.112 and I just install NOX application. When I start the NOX application, suddenly my computer gets stuck at the green screen of death and show the message Your Windows Insider Build ran into a problem and needs to restart. We’re just collecting some error info, and then we’ll restart for you. So, can you help me to solve this problem?

About Green Screen of Death

Compared with the blue screen of death and the red screen of death, the Windows 10 green screen of death is unknown for most people. GSOD is a result of the critical failure of Windows 10 that only appears when running a Windows Insider Build program or creator.

Windows 10 green screen of death

What causes the green computer screen error? The major reason behind the error is the malfunction of your hardware drivers. In addition, the connected peripherals and conflicting third-party software are also responsible for the green screen error.

If it is the first time that you encounter the PC green death, you can try performing several restarts of your computer to fix the error. If the issue still persists after several simple restarts, move on to the following content.

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Before Fixing Windows 10 Green Screen of Death

Prior to troubleshooting the computer green screen, it is highly recommended that you save your important data to another location. As you know, the green screen of death is a crashing error that might cause serious data loss and even a boot failure.

Here MiniTool Partition Wizard is an ideal utility to transfer your data to another place. With this powerful partition manager, you can back up your system and even the whole disk easily. Besides, it boasts lots of features like rebuild MBR, analyze hard drive, convert NTFS to FAT, perform disk benchmark, and so forth.

Click on the button below to download this software and install it on your computer. Then refer to this post to back up your system to an external hard drive.

Tip: Since MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition doesn’t support copying the system disk, we recommend you install its Pro or more advanced edition. Also, you can refer to its edition comparison to choose a suitable one.

copy the system disk

Once you have backed up your system disk, you can continue the following troubleshooting methods without any concern.

How to Fix Green of Death on Windows 10

This part will walk you through several step-by-step guides to fix the green computer screen death error. Now, let’s start exploring them one by one.

Fix 1. Disconnect All Peripherals from Your PC

As pointed out above, the Windows 10 green screen of death can be triggered by any connected peripherals such as an external hard drive, USB flash drive, external power cable, external keyboard, power cables, etc.

So, the easiest way method is to completely turn off your computer and then disconnect all peripherals one by one. If the computer green screen issue still persists, then it indicates that the issue can be caused by other factors.

Fix 2. Update Your Device Driver in Safe Mode

If your graphics card driver gets corrupted or outdated, you may encounter the green screen of death error. To get rid of the error, you can try updating the device driver on Windows 10. Here we recommend you enter Safe Mode first, which can help fix many Windows 10 crashing issues like blue screen, black screen, and PC green screen.

Now, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Restart your computer several times until you arrive at the Automatic Repair screen.

Step 2. In the pop-up window, click on Troubleshoot and navigate to the Advanced options menu.

Step 3. Click on Startup Settings in the Advanced options menu. After that, you can select the Enable Safe Mode option by pressing the 4 or F4 key.

Tip: Also, you can press the F5 key to select the Enable Safe Mode with Networking option.

enable Safe Mode Windows 10

Step 4. Press the Win + R key to open the Run dialog box, and then type devmgmt.msc in the box and hit Enter.

Step 5. Expand the Display adapters category, and then right-click the graphics card driver and select Update Driver.

select Update driver for graphics card driver

Step 6. Then you can select Search automatically for updated driver software option to update the driver automatically. After that, Windows will automatically detect any available updated device drivers and install them.

select Search automatically for updated driver software

Once the update process completes, restart your computer and check if the green screen Windows 10 error is resolved or not.

Fix 3. Disable the Third-Party Antivirus Programs

If you have installed third-party antivirus software or antivirus removal tool like MRT.exe, we recommend you remove it from your computer and use Windows built-in antivirus program instead. This is because some users reported that the third-party software can throw the green screen of death error.

Here’s how to remove a third-party antivirus program from your Windows 10 PC.

Step 1. Type control in the search box and select the Control Panel app from the context menu.

Step 2. Change the View by type to Category, and then click on Uninstall a program under the Programs section.

click on Uninstall a program in Control Panel

Step 3. Navigate to the antivirus software like Avast from the list of install programs, and then right-click it and select Uninstall. Click on Yes to confirm this uninstallation and follow the on-screen prompts to complete this operation.

Step 4. Press the Win + E keys to open the File Explorer, and then navigate to the C:ProgramData folder in C drive. Then select all Avast related folders and press Delete key to uninstall the third-party software permanently.

Now, you can reboot your computer and see if the Windows 10 green screen still persists.

Fix 4. Perform a Clean Installation of Your Windows 10

If none of the above methods troubleshoot the problem, you may have to consider performing a clean installation of your Windows 10 PC. A clean installation will wipe out all the corrupt or decaying factor on your system that might cause a green screen Windows 10.

There are several ways to perform a clean installation, but the most direct and simplest way is to Reset This PC. Here’s how to do that:

Note: Since this process will erase all the data on your system disk, please make a full backup of all the important data including personal data, your account, and settings.

Step 1. Press Win + I keys to open the Settings app and navigate to the Update & Security tab.

Step 2. Go to the Recovery tab on the left pane, and then click on Get started under the Reset this PC section at the right side of the window.

click on Get started from the Recovery tab

Step 3. Then you will see 2 options. Select the second option Remove everything, which will wipe out all of your personal files, apps, and settings.

select Remove everything

Step 4. After a while, you will be prompted with the Ready to reset this PC message and click on the Reset button.

Tip: This resetting process could take you a few hours to complete depending on your system disk space. So, please wait patiently.

Ready to reset this PC

Once the process completes, your Windows 10 laptop will be reset to the factory settings and the green screen of death should disappear.

Recover Lost Data from Windows 10

The green screen of death may result in the loss of your important data. Don’t worry. How to restore lost data? Now, you can recover lost data and partitions easily with the help of MiniTool Partition Wizard. Here’s a step-by-step guide for you.

Step 1. Launch this program to enter its main interface, and then select the system disk that you lost partitions and click on Partition Recovery from the top toolbar.

Tip: Since the clean installation will wipe out all the data on the partitions, we recommend that you select the Partition Recovery. It is more suitable than the Data Recovery option to restore the partitions on the whole disk.

click on Partition Recovery

Step 2. Now, select the Full Disk option as the scanning range and click on Next to go on. You also can select the Unallocated Space, or Specified Range based on your needs.

select Full Disk

Step 3. Select a scanning method to scan the disk and click Next. Here I take the Quick Scan for example.

select the quick scan

Step 4. Make sure that you tick checkboxes for all partitions including existing partitions and the deleted/lost partitions, and click on the Finish button.

select all partitions and click Finish to recover

After that, the lost partitions should be recovered and the partition table will be rebuilt.

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Have a Try Now

How to get rid of the Windows 10 green screen of death? This post shares you with the top 5 solutions. You can try them one by one until the issue is fixed. If you have any ideas on the PC green screen issue, please share them in the comment area below. Also, you can send your doubts and questions about MiniTool software in an email via [email protected].

Green Screen of Death FAQ

What does green screen mean on computer?
It could indicate that the connector of your monitor and PC are loose. Sometimes, this issue could happen on projectors where the color display messes up. Also, it could mean that there is a bad video card. You can try connecting all your connectors with different monitor and see if your computer is still green.
How do I fix green screen of death on Windows 10?

The GSOD error can be caused by malfunctioned device driver and third-party antivirus software. Here we summarize several effective methods:

  1. Update device driver in Safe Mode.
  2. Remove the third-party antivirus software from your computer.
  3. Disconnect all peripherals.
  4. Perform a clean installation of your Windows 10.
What causes Xbox One green screen of death?

According to a survey, we found several factors that can trigger Xbox One green screen of death.

  1. System update failure
  2. System update interruption
  3. Corrupted hard disk on Xbox One
  4. Communication errors
How to fix a blue screen of death on PC?

Blue Screen of Death is a serious stop error that can shut down or restart your computer. Here are several common fixes:

  1. Check if there are enough free space on your C drive.
  2. Change some settings in BIOS.
  3. Disable or uninstall all antivirus software.
  4. Uninstall Windows update, driver, or programs in Safe Mode.
  5. Remove newly added hardware devices like webcam, printer, and monitor.
  6. Scan your computer for virus or malware.
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