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Window Server 2003 VM extend disk volume

  • Recently I found not so much free space is left in my Windows Server 2003 VM, so I expanded the virtual disk by clicking Hard Disk > Utilities > Expand. Nevertheless, after opening the system, I realized the added space (shown as unallocated space) can only be used to create new partitions while I just want to extend existing disk volumes for Windows Server 2003 VM. Is there a good idea?

    As we know, "Extend Volume" appeared in Windows Vista Disk Management for the first time, and naturally Windows Server 2003 does not have. Therefore, users had better turn to other programs. Here, we introduce 2 apps for users. One is DiskPart, and the other is third-party partitioning tool.

    Extend Disk Volume in Windows Server 2003 VM with DiskPart

    First of all, enable DiskPart by taking these operations: click Start, choose Run, input DiskPart, and click "OK". Then, the following interface will appear:

    Here, we take extending partition 4 on Disk 2 for example
    Then, input these commands successively and clicking on Enter key is followed after every input: select disk 0, list partition, select partition 4, and extend size =1024.

    Now, we can see the selected partition has been extended successfully, and users can input exit to quit from the program.

    Nevertheless, extending partition with DiskPart should be on the condition that there is unallocated space after and contiguous to the partition which needs extending. Otherwise, DiskPart will fail. That is to say users can only extend the last volume to the added space.

    Extend Disk Volume in Windows Server 2003 VM with Partitioning Tool

    Firstly, download a reliable disk partition tool from the internet. If users do not know which one to download, try using MiniTool Partition Wizard. Then, install the program according to wizards. After installation, run it to get its main interface:

    Then, select the partition which will be extended and click on "Extend Partition" to make the following interface emerge:

    Here, we can take free space from the unallocated space to expand the selected partition, and dragging sliding button can determine how much free space to take. Then, click "OK" to see the main interface again:

    Now, we can see partition F becomes 81.95GB from original 1.95GB while the unallocated space is reduced to 80 from previous 160. At this time, as long as we click "Apply", we can extend disk volume in Windows Server 2003 VM successfully.

    As a matter of fact, apart from Windows Server 2003, this partitioning tool can be used to extend disk volume in all other Windows operating systems, no matter where the unallocated space is located or whether there is unallocated space. Try using it now for your virtual machine.