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Delete Partition


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    About "Delete Partition"

    Delete Partition feature enables users to remove a specified partition off.

    How to Delete Partition

    1.Choose a preferred way to activate partition deleting feature among the listed ones:

    Case 1. Choose target partition and then click "Delete Partition" from left action panel.

    Case 2. Select partition to be removed from the disk and click "Partition" > "Delete".

    Case 3. Right click target partition and click "Delete" from pop-up menu.

    delete partition

    2. Click "Apply" and tap "Yes" button to let the software perform deleting operation.


    With the help of MiniTool Partition Wizard tutorial, users can easily get unneeded partition removed.


    In Windows 10/8/7, if you want to delete system partition or the partition which contains some page files, crash dump files and hibernation files, please use MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional Edition to create a bootable disc, boot your computer from this disc and then delete system partition in WinPE environment. For more information, click this post Solved – Cannot Delete Active System Partition on This Disk.