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Quickly Solve Partition Bar Gets Red in Windows 7 Issue

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    Partition Bar Gets Red Windows 7

    "Hi Everyone, I want to get some help. My laptop C disk bar is showing red color in Windows 7. I know it means nearly full capacity but I don't know how to go about. I have limited comp knowledge so need help (step by step instructions) to resolve this. Could I extend this partition? Hope to get quick response & thanks for help."

    "When opening Windows explorer in Windows 7, I suddenly found HDD red indicator bar issue. What’s the matter? How to change it from red to blue since it seems my computer runs a little slowly?"

    The above questions are from forums in the internet which show you true examples about the drive shows red bar in Windows 7. It is believed that most of you have experienced such a problem about "partition bar gets red Windows 7" during the daily usage of the computer. Why does this issue occur and how to solve it? This post will show you the reason and solution to it.

    partition bar gets red windows 7

    Why Partition Bar Shows Red in Windows 7

    As you know, partition bar indicates capacity, used space, and unused space of every partition. As many applications and files are saved on the drive, the free space of a partition is becoming smaller and smaller and then partition bar gets red in Windows 7. In the meanwhile, the computer may warn you that "You are running out of space on system (C:) To free space on this drive by deleting old or unnecessary files, click here…"

    low disk space

    Generally speaking, when C drive is full, the system often shows you low disk space warning. Thus, your computer may run very slowly and the performance will be affected to some degree. How to disable such a warning in Windows 7? In this case, it is necessary to take measures to enlarge the partition. If not, you will be unable to go on saving data to it for a short time. Here is the solution for C drive is full in Windows 7. Please read on.

    How to Solve Red Bar on C Drive Issue

    After knowing the "my C drive is showing red windows 7" issue, you are going to search the solution to this issue. Maybe you choose to delete the old and unnecessary files to free space. However, this way only can help you get small disk space and can’t solve the problem fundamentally.

    Actually, the best way is to extend C partition. In the partition and disk management software market, MiniTool Partition Wizard is highly recommended to you by many users. This partition magic is relatively professional and reliable to help you to resize/extend/shrink/move/split/create/format/delete/copy partition well. It is worth focusing on this application with five Editions and it is compatible with different operating systems for partition and disk management, such as Windows Vista/XP/7/8/10, Windows Server 2000/2003/2008/2012.


    First of all, please download MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition which works on Windows Vista/XP/7/8/10. Just do this work in Windows 7 as the step-by-step guidance lists:

    Step 1: Launch this partition manager and you can enter into its main interface. Please select C partition and then you can see there are many features in the left pane provided by MiniTool Partition Wizard. Or after you right click partition C, you also can find the features you need. Here click "Extend" to increase partition size. This feature is designed to extend partition with one simple click.

    main interface

    Note: If there is some unallocated space after C drive, you can directly resize partition by dragging the handle to enlarge partition size.

    Step 2: Then you can take free space from other partition or the unallocated space on the same disk. From the screenshot, you see there is a slider which can be moved to help ensure how much free space you want to take. Then click "OK" to continue.

    free space

    Step 3: At last, click "Apply" to perform the changes.


    If you want to know more information about how to increase partition size in Windows 7, this article How to Increase Partition Size in Windows 7 without Formatting is useful.

    Just do as the guidance shows. Then you can successfully solve "partition bar gets red windows 7" issue. When you meet such a case, just try this freeware.

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