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Reasons for the Xbox Series X Shortage

Why can’t you buy an Xbox Series X console easily? Well, multiple factors cause the issue. The root cause is that there’s without enough materials for the console production. The chip shortage (GPU shortage) issue still persists.

In fact, the pandemic affected production for a lot of chip manufacturers and industry watchers don’t expect the issue to be completely solved for months to come. Based on that fact, Microsoft makes as many consoles as it possible and distributes them among it retail partners.

Each retailer releases its available consoles in all the appropriate ways, which means that they will be announced ahead of time in most cases. Then you can buy the console online.

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In addition to that, plenty of gamers want to buy the console because of its powerful functions that leads to high demands. As for the production, the occurrence of COVID-19 has negative impact on the manufacturing job.

When Will Xbox Series X Restock

In the past two weeks since the beginning of February, only one major retailer has dropped the Xbox Series X. Given that fact, we are sure to obtain a massive restock wave from several stores after moving into the second half of the month.

To be specific, a Microsoft Xbox Series X restock can be found between February 14 and 20 from several retailers. Though Xbox Series X restocks have been less frequent than usual over the past few weeks, it is hopefully to see more soon.

Standalone Series X restocks usually sell out in minutes, but bundles often stay in stock for a bit longer. In addition, Xbox Series X/S are available via Xbox All Access (a purchasing agreement that lets you pay off the console and a Game Pass subscription in monthly installments).

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Latest Xbox Series X Restock Date

The following are latest Xbox Series X restock dates on major platforms. You can take them as your shopping reference.

Tip: You can check Xbox Series X restock today in these stores in the US.

Microsoft Xbox Series X restock: October 28

Amazon Xbox Series X restock: December 30

Target Xbox Series X restock: January 6

GameStop Xbox Series X restock: January 11

AntonLine Xbox Series X restock: January 11

Best Buy Xbox Series X restock: January 11

Walmart Xbox Series X restock: January 13

Tips for Getting an Xbox Series X Restock

Here are tips for scoring a console safely without paying inflated prices.

  • Timing: Unannounced Xbox Series X restocks usually happen after 10am PT (1pm ET) unless they come from Target that tends to drop them before 6am PT (9am ET).
  • Weekend: Weekday restocks happen more frequently than weekend restocks.
  • Walmart, GameStop, and Best Buy: If you have membership subscriptions of these websites, you will be offered early access to restocks in most time. On the other hand, you should still create an account with these retailers for faster checkout even if you don’t pay for early access.
  • Install the app for your preferred retailer, which is faster to use than the websites.

With these tips, the chance of getting an Xbox Series X will be improved greatly. At the same time, you should keep alert while buying the console. For instance, you’d better to stay away from Twitter links and only buy at the retail price to avoid scams.

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