Are you suffering from GPU shortage? If so, this post is worth reading. Here, MiniTool summarizes the reasons behind the graphics card shortage and offers some useful information about it to you.

Though the total number of graphics card (GPU) shipments have increased since 2020, it is still hard for average gamers to get 30-series Nvidia GPU or a new PS5. You may see news like graphics card shortage 2021 while surfing the Internet.

Why does this phenomenon happen? Please move to the section below to find the answer.

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GPU is the unit in the graphics card that performs the actual processing of the images and graphics. The graphics card is an expansion card in the device that generates images to display on the output device. To learn more details, read the post: GPU vs Graphics Card vs Video Card: What’s the Difference?

Why Is There a Graphics Card Shortage

Silicon semiconductor chips are the scarce missing ingredient required for GPUs, consoles, and new cars. Hence, the ongoing global chip shortage results in a GPU shortage. Besides, the demand for GPU grows rapidly because cryptocurrency miners search for the latest GPUs and gaming firms release new titles.

Miners buy mid-to-high-end GPUs immediately they are available, emptying stocks and driving up prices as far as 2x MSRP. Besides, mining can often be torture for a GPU. They run GPUs at their full capacity 24/7, which burns these GPUs out much more quickly than they would in a normal gaming PC.

Tip: Cryptocurrency mining has continued for years, but it reached critical levels in 2020.

In addition to that, disruptions to manufacturing are also the main cause of the graphics card shortage 2021. Coronavirus disrupted the manufacturing process and affected the supply of silicon chips.

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Effects Brought by Graphics Card Shortage

The GPU shortage brings much inconvenience to daily life, work, manufacturing, etc. For instance, gamers can’t build gaming PCs. Game companies can’t manufacture new consoles so their running might be influenced.

As the GPU demand exceeds GPU supply, the price of GPU goes up. Given that fact, more and more people can’t afford it. The locking of graphics cards has prompted some GPU makers like EVGA to implement a lottery system to distribute boards to gamers evenly.

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Efforts Made to End the GPU Shortage Issue

To fix the graphics card shortage, GPU manufacturers make some efforts. For instance, Nvidia is working with supply-chain partners to produce large quantities of chips including GPUs to the market. By doing so, the Nvidia graphics card shortage issue is expected to be solved soon.

Nvidia and AMD have increased manufacturing capacity to relieve shortages of their GPUs and other chips. Nvidia has made long-term supply commitments. However, the GPU shortage won’t be solved overnight either.

If you want to work normally before the graphics card shortage ends, consider the following tips.

  • Buy used and last-gen GPUs
  • Buy a prebuilt computer
  • Use alternatives to Nvidia and AMD GPUs like Intel’s Arc Alchemist graphics card
  • Wait for the GPU shortage to end
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When Will the Graphics Card Shortage End

According to Nvidia’s Chief Financial Officer (Colette Kress), the Nvidia graphics card shortage issue will be mitigated to a large extent by mid-2022 as its supply will start increasing in the second half of 2022.

Though Nvidia has invested billions of dollars into spending agreements for long-term manufacturing capacity commitments, they would take more than a year to take into effect. Hence, the situation will not be improved quickly.

What’s more, Kress also claims that Nvidia doesn’t want to reduce its price for graphics cards. They will make efforts to meet the GPU demand.

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