If you want to learn the Xbox’s history and your gaming history, you can pay attention to the Xbox museum. What is Xbox museum and how to access it? MiniTool would explore these questions and tell you all the details about this museum Xbox.

As one of the best-selling game consoles, Xbox is popular with gamers across the world. It has grown rapidly in the past twenty years. On the Xbox 20th anniversary, Microsoft released an online virtual Xbox museum to record its storied history and key milestones.

The Xbox 20th anniversary was celebrated on Nov.15, 2021, with anniversary-themed merchandise, streams, and the launch of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode. To learn more details about the museum Xbox, read the content below.

What Is Xbox Museum

Xbox museum is a virtual, interactive, and gamified place where you can roam around and discover the history of Xbox consoles. It is built to celebrate the Xbox 20th anniversary. It combines the main news stories in Xbox’s 20-year history, 3D objects like Halo’s Warthog and the Skyrim logo, and some eye-opening personal stats you can explore after signing into the Xbox account.

This Xbox museum online features a timeline at the bottom of the screen, which allows you to navigate through the history of Xbox quickly. Each moment in the timeline has an associated story and includes a video recording the milestone.

Xbox events timeline

What Does Xbox Museum Do

The museum Xbox is a unique tool for fans like you to know or remember the history of the company. It adds the individual interactivity of the experience and allows sharing personal players’ histories adding value to every community for Xbox players.

In this museum Xbox, you can also learn your gameplay history like the time you first logged into the Xbox account, the exact games played on certain consoles, and the number of games you’ve played up to now.

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How to Access Xbox Museum Online

To access the Xbox museum, you just need to navigate to this site. After it loads up, you will get the page as shown below. Here, you can either click SIGN IN FOR THE FULL EXPERIENCE or CONTINUE WITHOUT SIGNING IN based on your situation. If you choose the first option, you need to input your account information.

As the first option implies, you can obtain full experience after logging into the Xbox account. Compared with the original museum, you will have an additional experience. You will have an access to your personal museum also called My Xbox Museum, which collects and displays your gaming history.

To be specific, you can find the specific games played on certain consoles, the number of played games, and even the time you first logged into Xbox Live.

 The second option allows you to enter the Xbox museum directly. After entering the museum, you can roam around it freely. Without login, you can only see the console timeline, major releases, and historical events.

log into Xbox museum

While roaming around the museum Xbox, you will see fellow Xbox players communicating with the digital exhibits and charting the progress of the original Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and the newest Xbox Series X/S consoles.

In the Xbox museum online, you are able to explore up to 132 moments in Xbox history and navigate around with WASD on the keyboard. You can click on the link at each moment to view the details and share your own anniversary museum section with others.

On the Xbox museum page, you are allowed to take a walk down memory lane in a multiverse-style virtual landscape. See the sights and sounds of Microsoft’s console history.

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In addition to the Xbox museum, there are other Xbox 20th anniversary events including a special edition controller, a special Xbox Stereo Headset, and the reveal of a documentary on the console’s legacy. Moreover, a bunch of classic Microsoft art and throwbacks come to the Master Chief Collection.

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