If you want to watch Discovery Plus PS4, you come to the right place. MiniTool shows you how to watch Discovery Plus on PS4 step-by-step. Simply pick one way to watch Discovery Plus on PS4 now!

What Is Discovery Plus

Discovery Plus is also referred to as Discovery+, which is a web-based streaming app. It is used for streaming the originals of Discovery branded movies. Actually, you can stream all types of shows, blockbuster movies, live programs, animal planet channels, and other exciting TV content from this platform.

To be specific, Discovery Plus includes over 55, 000 series of episodes, 2.500+ titles of current media content, TV shows, etc. In addition, it is loaded with genuine and unique substances with HD and Ultra HD quality. With Discovery+, you can utilize One record with five clients. Though it is a membership-based source, it offers you a 7-day free trial.

Discovery Plus is available for platforms like Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Amazon Firestick, Xbox, and so on. Is Discovery Plus on PS4? If you have such doubts like many other users, read the content below now!

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Is Discovery Plus on PS4

Can you get Discovery Plus on PS4? Though Discovery Plus is accessible on multiple platforms, it isn’t available for PlayStation 4. Given that fact, you can’t directly watch Discovery Plus on PS4. Fortunately, there are some workarounds for you to watch Discovery Plus on PS4.


You can try PS4 alternatives like Xbox One and Xbox Series S to watch Discovery Plus. It is also possible to access Discovery Plus on laptop or desktop via modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

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How to Watch Discovery Plus on PS4/PS5

You have three options to watch Discovery Plus PS4.

Option 1: Link with Services

Step 1: Navigate to Settings from the PS4/PS5 home screen.

Step 2: Find and select Users and Accounts, and then select Link with Other Services and click Twitter > Link Account. Alternatively, you can select YouTube and follow the prompted instructions to continue. After navigating to YouTube’s main page, search Discovery Plus and enjoy the content.

Step 3: In the pop-up window, enter the details of your Twitter account to authorize PlayStation Network to access your account.

Step 4: After clicking the Twitter icon, you will be redirected to the main page of Twitter.

Step 5: Enter any web domain in the web address and surf the web. Likewise, you can move to the Discovery Plus website and stream your favorite shows with the hidden browser trick.

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Option 2: Install Discovery Plus on PS4

Step 1: Combine the PS4 console and Smart TV to an Internet supply.

Step 2: Move to the home screen of the console, and then open PlayStation Store and head to the Apps section.

Step 3: Go to the All Apps field to find the Discovery Plus app. Then download and install Discovery Plus.

Step 4: Run the Discovery Plus app and log in with your account information.

Step 5: Now, you can watch the contents of Discovery Plus on the PS4 console.

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Option 3: Use the PS Remote Play

Step 1: Plug PS4 and Smart TV into the power socket and then connect them to the Internet.

Step 2: Move to Settings > Remote Play connection settings > enable Remote Play.

Step 3: Activate PS4 in the Account Management section.

Step 4: From the Power save settings, set PS4 into the Rest Mode and tick the checkboxes on that screen.

Step 5: Link up the phone to the Internet that your PS4 connects to.

Step 6: Install Discovery Plus and PS Remote Play on the smartphone and then log into them.

Step 7: Combine up PS4, smartphone, and PS Remote Play to watch the content of Discovery Plus.

How to Watch Discovery Plus on TVs

Step 1: Move to the Discovery Plus website, choose the Start Free Trial button, and then finish the sign-up process. Pick a plan, and then create an account and pay for the subscription.


As Discovery+ isn’t available in some countries, you may not be able to access it in your location.

Step 2: Download and install Discovery Plus on your device. This app is available for Android and iOS devices.

Step 3: Open the app and log into your account.

Step 4: Ensure that you connect the phone and TV to the same Wi-Fi network. You can use either AirPlay or Chromecast to screen-cast the Discovery+ to your TV.

Are you eager to watch Discovery Plus PS4? This post offers you 3 ways. Try them now!

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