If you are eager to know how to turn on laptop without power button, this post of MiniTool is what you need. It tells you several ways to turn on a HP, Dell, Lenovo, or Gateway laptop without the power button.

In normal cases, you can turn on a laptop by pressing the power button. However, the button may deteriorate or break down like other PC components with time goes on. When the power button not working issue occurs, you need to learn how to turn on laptop without power button.

In this post, several methods are offered. You can pick one to turn on your laptop.

Method 1: Take Apart the Laptop

How to turn on HP laptop without power button? Try taking apart the laptop. Actually, this method is applicable for all laptops including HP, Dell, Lenovo, Gateway, etc. Detailed steps are shown as below.

Step 1: Unplug the charging cable from your laptop.

Tip: You need to ensure that the laptop has some charge at least.

Step 2: Open the laptop cases with care. You’d better take a picture before removing anything.

Step 3: Find the location of the power button and remove the button from the case.

Step 4: Under the button, you will see three to six pins. The number of pins depends on your laptop. Connect the pins with wire or use anything that doubles as a conductor.

Step 5: The laptop should turn on after you connect the pins. If it fails to turn on, the power button is not the reason for PC not turning on.

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Method 2: Use an External Keyboard

How to turn on a Gateway laptop without the power button? An external keyboard can also help you turn on a laptop (Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus, or other brands) without the power button. To do that, you need to access the BIOS settings first. You are required to enable the laptop’s BIOS as a backup power button after suffering from the power button issue.

Step 1: Enter the BIOS settings interface by pressing the F2, F10, or Del key while booting up the laptop.

Tip: The BIOS key varies according to laptop brands and models. For instance, you can press F2 for all Asus PCs, F2 or F12 for Dell laptops, F10 for HP laptops, F1 for Lenovo desktops, F2 or Fn + F2 for Lenovo laptops, F2 for Samsung laptops, and so on.

Step 2: Navigate to the Power Management setting, and then enable the “Power on By Keyboard” or “Wake on Keyboard” option.

Step 3: Configure the back-up power keys and save the settings.

Step 4: Turn off the laptop and then turn on it via the newly selected power-on key.

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Method 3: Enable the Wake-on LAN

How to turn on Dell laptop without power button? Wake-on LAN helps. Like the external keyboard, Wake-on LAN is another preventive for the power button issue. To enable the Wake-on LAN, follow the steps below.

Tip: You are required to configure the network card on another laptop or PC to make this method work properly. For that, open Device Manager > access Network Adapter and choose Properties > enter Power Management and pick Allow this device to wake the computer > enable Wake on magic packet under Advanced.

Step 1: Enter the BIOS setup with steps in Method 2.

Step 2: Move to Power Management, and then enable Wake-on LAN and set the preferred keys for turning on the laptop.

Step 3: Save the changes and restart the PC.

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Method 4: Use the Laptop Lid

A laptop will go to Sleep mode when the lid is closed, but you can configure the settings to turn on/off the laptop with the lid. Here are steps for doing that.

Step 1: Likewise, enter the BIOS and move to Power Management.

Step 2: Modify the settings under power on with open lid.

Step 3: Save the changes and reboot the laptop.

Method 5: Use the Clock Battery

As the clock battery cable requires a lot of technical skills, you need to execute the operation with care.

Step 1: Disconnect the battery cable from the motherboard.

Step 2: Disconnect the clock battery from the motherboard.

Note: This cold-start method allows you to turn on the laptop when it’s attached to any power source. Nevertheless, it also possible cause your device to return to factory settings.

Method 6: Utilize the Wall Socket or Extension

If you run a Dell, Asus, Lenovo, HP, Toshiba, or Acer laptop, you can turn on it with a wall socket or extension. The guide shows you how to turn on Lenovo laptop without power button.

Step 1: Disconnect the cable that connect the power button to the motherboard.

Step 2: Remove the laptop battery and plug the laptop into a wall socket. Then the device will power on.

Step 3: If you want to unplug laptop from the power socket, replace the battery into the device. You need to configure your BIOS to turn on the laptop when connected with AC on some laptops.

How to turn on laptop without power button? Here are 6 methods for you. They work on various laptops brands like HP, Dell, Lenovo, Gateway, etc.

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