Do you know how to uninstall Adobe Flash? If you are unclear about it, this post of MiniTool is worth reading. It offers you top 4 methods to uninstall Flash Player on Windows computers.

Flash, a piece of free software, is used for viewing and using content created on the Adobe Flash platform. For instance, it can be used for watching games, videos, and other media online.  However, it doesn’t have a very good reputation.

It is even regarded as a buggy, hated, security vulnerability web browser plug-in. What’s worse, it ends of life. According to Adobe, it has officially stopped supporting Flash Player on December 31, 2020.

How to uninstall Flash Player on Windows PCs? Well, there are 4 available methods for you.

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Uninstall Adobe Flash Player via the Official Uninstaller

Here’s the tutorial on how to uninstall Adobe Flash Player via the uninstaller for Flash.

1.The Flash Player uninstaller executes on both the 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Windows operating systems.
2.To uninstall Flash Player beta, use the corresponding Flash Player beta uninstaller in Adobe Labs.

Step 1: Click here to download the uninstaller for Flash Player. You’d better to save the file in a place where you can find it easily after you restart the PC.

Step 2: Close all browsers and programs that use Flash. Otherwise, the uninstaller won’t work. To do that, look at the icons in the system tray for programs running in the background. If you see any icons with .swf at their ends, right-click on the icon and choose Exit.

Step 3: Run the uninstaller.

  • Double-click the icon of the uninstaller on your computer.
  • If you see the message “Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer?”, click Yes to continue.

Step 4: Delete Flash Player files and folders.

  • Press Windows and R keys to open the Run dialog window.
  • Copy and paste “C:Windowssystem32MacromedFlash” in the window and click OK.
  • Follow on-screen instructions to finish the uninstallation process.

Step 5: Restart your computer and check if Adobe Flash Player is uninstalled.

Uninstall Flash Player with KB4577586

The Windows KB4577586 update will remove Adobe Flash Player from the system. Actually, Microsoft starts to roll it out as an automatic cumulative Windows Update. You can check if you have this update by opening Settings > click Update & Security > click Windows Update > click View update history.

Alternatively, you can install the Flash Removal patch for your current Windows version. It can be found in the Windows Update Catalog. You should download and install a corresponding version that matches your system version. This Flash uninstallation operation requires a system reboot.

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Uninstall Adobe Flash Player via PDQ Inventory

If you have learned the exact programs with Flash installed, you can uninstall Adobe Flash Player via PDQ Inventory.

Step 1: Download and install PDQ Inventory on your computer.

Step 2: Launch PDQ Inventory to enter its main interface.

Step 3: Click the Application option in the left panel, and then move to the right side of the window.

Step 4: Right-click on the Adobe Player installation and click Uninstall.

Step 5: After ensuring the information in the prompted window is correct, click Execute to carry out the operation.

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Uninstall Adobe Flash Player Through PDQ Deploy

PDQ Deploy allows you to uninstall Adobe Flash Player from multiple devices on your network immediately. For doing that, you can follow these steps.

Step 1: Download the Uninstall Adobe Flash Player package from the PDQ Deploy package library.

  • Click on Package Library and look for Uninstall Adobe Flash Player in the search area.
  • Double-click on the package to add it to your available packages list.

Step 2: After the installation process ends, launch PDQ Deploy by right-clicking it and choose Deploy Once. Then click Package Library

Tip: You need to type and submit your information before downloading PDQ Deploy.

Step 3: With the Deploy Once panel opened, click Choose Targets > PDQ Inventory > Collection.

Step 4: Choose Adobe Flash collection and click OK.

Step 5: Click Deploy Now.

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