Do you know the differences between renewed, refurbished, used, and other types of second hand devices? In this post, MiniTool Partition Wizard explains renewed vs refurbished vs used products to you.

Renewed vs Refurbished vs Used vs Etc.

What is the difference between renewed, refurbished, certified and just used electronics like computers, and is new more preferable? —

Some people may want to know renewed vs refurbished vs certified vs used products. In this part, I will introduce them to you.

1. Used Products

Used computers are second hand devices sold by individuals on sites like EBay. You relay on the owner’s knowledge to clean and test the device properly before selling it to you. So, there is no reliable guarantee that the product will be problem-free.

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2. Refurbished Products

Refurbished products are likely used before, and then the customer either sent it back because it was faulty or they no longer wanted it. But sellers of refurbished devices will repair everything that’s damaged, then test the item to make sure it’s working properly. They also clean it and, in many cases, replace worn exterior parts, such as the face plate or buttons.

In addition, many refurbished products come with a warranty, although this warranty is shorter than new products’. In many cases, buying a refurbished product from the original manufacturer gives you access to the same tech support you’d get with a new product.

3. Certified Refurbished Products

The difference between a refurbished product and a certified refurbished product is that the former is refurbished by third-party companies or individuals while the latter is refurbished by manufacturers, dealers, or authorized third-party refurbishment companies.

Due to the expertise and the tooling used in the factory, usually certified refurbished product is the better purchase.

certified refurbished

4. Renewed

In general, refurbished and renewed refer to the same thing. But Amazon’s renewed means more things. It not only includes refurbished products, but also pre-owned and open-box products.

  • Pre-owned: Products that are likely used, but were in better condition when returned than a refurbished product may have been.
  • Open-box: Products whose packaging was opened but the actual product was not used.

5. Off-lease

Off-lease devices are devices that were lent by the manufacture to company for a fixed period – usually two to three years. At the end of this period, the company returns the devices and rents newer models. The old models are refurbished, certified, and sold as off-lease deals.

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What Should I Buy?

Absolutely, new products usually come with the best performance, warranty, and tech support, but new products’ price is also the highest one. But if your budget is limited, you may want to consider renewed or used products.

Then, among these products, what should you buy? In my opinion, open-box products are the best purchase. These products’ price is slightly lower than the new products but performance and many other aspects are almost the same as new products.

But if you think open-box products are also out of your budget or you can’t find suitable open-box products, certified refurbished products are also good choices. They would be much cheaper and the performance is also OK.

The last recommended type is used products, because this type of devices is lacking in professional repair, offers no warranty and support. But used devices usually only cost you a few money. If your budget is extremely limited, you can choose this type of devices.

Some gamers may sell used gaming devices that have good configuration at a slightly high price. In this case, please think twice before buy it.

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