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PS4 copying update file slow

Some people may encounter PS4 copying update file slow. Why do PS4 updates take so long to copy? How to fix this issue? In this post, MiniTool Partition Wizard will offer you several solutions.

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Why Do PS4 Updates Take so Long to Copy?

An update that downloads in a few min should not take 1 hour to copy... This is a broken system, and it is not my PS4. Just wanted to get a few games in with the limited free time I have on weeknights, can say bye to that now thanks to this tiny update! --- www.reddit.com

If you google this issue, you will find that this problem seems to be a global issue and many users complain it on various forums. Then, why does this issue occur? Why does PS4 need to copy update files? Why does "PS4 copying update files" take so long?

All of these are owing to the way PS4 game updates work. A couple of years ago, Sony decided to change PS4 game update method, because it doesn’t want to spend extra cash on servers for traditional downloads.

Therefore, instead of just downloading the game update and installing it into the existing game data, your PS4 console has to make a complete copy of the game while installing the patch (this is also the reason why a 300 MB download won’t download with 40 GB free space).

While copying the games files, the drive head has to read and write at the same time, the result is obviously a super slow copying process. In addition, the speed of update process will vary from game to game. The larger the original size of the game, the longer it’ll take to finish the update and copy process

Unfortunately, the more popular games are larger in gigabytes (GB) compared to games that aren’t paid much attention to.

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How to Fix PS4 Copying Update File Slow Issue

To fix this issue, there are some methods you can use.

1. Switch to SSD drives

This method is the most effective method. SSD drives usually have nice random read and write performance (IOPS), which is very important to software operation, including games. But please note that SSD drives can't eliminate PS4 copying update file process, although it might shorten it.

Besides, before you decide to switch to SSD drives, I recommend you to check the interface that your PS4 console uses. If your PS4 uses SATA 3Gbps interface, switching to SSD drives may seem a bit wasteful. If your PS4 uses SATA 6Gbps and you want to use SSD drive, please read the follow post to know how to upgrade PS4 console to SSD drive:

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2. Format the drive

If your PS4 console has been used for many years, it may full of errors or bad sectors. These will slow down the drive's performance. If so, I recommend you to format the drive to fix these errors.

3. Rebuild PS4 database

Rebuilding PS4 database works like the defragment tool in Windows OS. It will arrange files for faster access and delete damaged or corrupted files for a better performance. In addition, a properly organized database can load data faster, decreasing the chances of having your game freeze or experiencing frame rate drops.

If possible, I recommend you to rebuild PS4 database every few months. To rebuild the database, here is a brief guide:

  • Power off your PS4 and do not use rest mode.
  • Hold the power button down until you hear two quick beeps. This will alert you that you have entered Safe Mode.
  • Connect your DualShock 4 controller to the USB-A slot in the front of the PS4.
  • Scroll down in the menu until you reach option 5—Rebuild Database.
  • Press the X button to start the rebuild.

rebuild database

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4. Keep enough free space on the drive

Game consoles like PS4 tend to slow down as the hard drive fills up. In addition, hard drives need empty space on the hard drive for virtual memory, which will relieve the tension on the RAM.

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