Both Nintendo Switch and PS4 are popular games and beloved by numerous users. Nintendo Switch vs PS4: which one will you select? This topic has been discussed heatedly. Today, MiniTool will introduce the two games and make a comparison for you.

There are multiple game consoles on the market including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox One, etc. However, plenty of users get confused when facing these options. Recently, the topic – Nintendo Switch vs PS4 is highly discussed.

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Both the Nintendo Switch and PS4 are famous, which own millions of users. Which one will you select between the two game consoles? Nintendo Switch or PS4? Is Nintendo Switch worth buying? Many gamers are confused about these questions. Well, to find the answers, please keep reading the post.

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Nintendo Switch vs PS4: Price

The first factor needs to be considered when making a choice between Nintendo Switch and PS4 is the price. At present, all the baseline iterations of three leading systems are available for $300, which includes PlayStation 4 Slim, Xbox One S and Nintendo Switch.

However, if you would like to upgrade to 4k gaming, you are required to pay extra fee. For instance, if you want to get a PS4 Pro, you will be charged for $100 addition fee. Besides, the Nintendo Switch’s online subscription service is more affordable than that of PS4.

Nintendo Switch vs PS4: Graphics

Graphics is also important for games, which can affect your game experience. Nintendo Switch graphics vs PS4: which one is better?

As Sony released enhanced 4k-capable versions of the game systems, PS4 can reach 4K resolution with high dynamic range graphics.

Tip: Not all games reach 4k even though you have a 4K TV.

However, Nintendo Switch cannot match this. It is unable to hold a proper candle to the graphical performance that the PS4 can manage. Nintendo Switch is not as good as PS4 on the aspect of raw power, but it out-performs in form factor. One advantage of Switch is that it enables you to play it at any time because of its small size.

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Nintendo Switch vs PS4: Games

Generally speaking, games developed by Sony will only come out on the PS4. And games on Microsoft probably only show on Xbox One. The newly released games such as God of War, Spider-Man and Tetris Effect only come on PS4.

As for Nintendo Switch, it seems to only run on exclusives like Mario and Link, Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda. In fact, Nintendo Switch is considered as a boon for third-party publishers and indie developers. You can play any game in home console or handheld mode with Switch.

Is Nintendo Switch worth buying? The answer is positive on this aspect.

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Nintendo Switch vs PS4: Control

To play games, you need a good gamepad. The DualShock 4, the gamepad of PS4, is a fully overhauled controller, which keeps the best parts of DualShock 3.

The analog sticks have a better feeling of touch and the triggers are more responsive. Besides, the gamepad has a built-in speaker and a touchpad in the center.

The Nintendo Switch is a small case, which works either as a home console or a handheld. You can connect the two Joy-Con controllers to the system wirelessly. Although the direction buttons on the left Joy-Con aren’t responsive or comfortable as the previous direction pads on PS4, Joy-Cons contain some brilliant technology into the Switch like infrared camera, an NFC reader, and precise rumble effect.

The Nintendo Switch also has the advantage of third-party controllers, while PS4 focuses on the first-party gamepads only with a few third-party wired options. However, these options are only available when you pay extra money for a SCUF or Evil controller product.

PS4 vs Nintendo Switch: which one is better? Nintendo Switch wins on this aspect.

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