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League of Legends login

When the League of Legends login error occurs, you may receive the error message “there was an unexpected error with the login session League of Legends” or “we’re unable to log you in because you may be offline”. MiniTool will show you some fixes to League of Legends unexpected error.

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What Causes the League of Legends Login Error

League of Legends is a fantastic game, which is very popular with users across the whole world. In most time, it works well and offers users great game experiment. However, sometimes it will go wrong. League of Legends unexpected login session error is one of its common errors.

When this error happens, you will receive the error message “There was an unexpected error with the login session League of Legends. Please try again” or “We’re unable to log you in because you may be offline.”. Why can’t I log into League of Legends? Like many users, you may have such doubt.

Well, here are several factors that can cause the error. There’s something wrong with the region settings. Like the error message “we’re unable to log you in because you may be offline” indicates, the server status is off. Of course, other elements can also lead to the error.

Since the League of Legends an unexpected error has occurred, you should do something to fix the error. How to fix? Here are some solutions for you.

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Method 1: End the League of Legends via Task Manager

When the League of Legends unexpected error occurs, you can try end the League of Legends through Task Manager. Then, log in the game again. This method has proven to be useful by many users. So, it is worth trying.

Step 1: Right click the Windows icon on the desktop and then click on Task Manager from the pop-up menu.

open Task Manager

Step 2: Scroll down the items in the Task Manager to find RiotClientServices.exeRiotClientUx.exe, and LeagueofLegends.exe. Then, right click on them and choose End task from the elevated menu.

Step 3: Now, open your League of Legends client once again and log in. At this time, you may log in successfully. If still fails to log in, try other solutions immediately.

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Method 2: Examine the Network Settings

The improper network settings could also trigger the League of Legends login error. Hence, checking the settings of your network is also a solution when you receive this error. How to do? Here are detailed steps.

Step 1: Type network settings or ethernet settings in the search box and click on the corresponding options from the search result list.

choose change ethernet settings

Step 2: In the next window, click on Network and Sharing Center.

click network and sharing center

Step 3: Click your Internet connection (Ethernet or Wi-Fi), and then choose Properties to go on.

open the properties of youe Internet

Step 4: Find Internet Protocol Version 4 from the pop-up window, and then double click on it. After ensuring that the Obtain an IP address automatically option and the Obtain DNS server address automatically option are enabled, click OK to save the changes.

enable the two options

Step 5: Start your League of Legends client to check if the error is fixed. If fixed, you can ignore the step below. If not, you need to continue. Go to the window in Step 4 again, and then enable the Use the following DNS server addresses option. After that, type after Preferred DNS server and after Alternate DNS server respectively. Finally, click OK to save the changes.

type the DNS server address

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Method 3: Sign out League of Legends

How do you fix there was an unexpected error with the login session LOL? Here some tips for you. For example, you can sign out the game by pressing Alt + F4 on the client and clicking Sign out option. Alternatively, you can also reopen the League of Legends client and log in again to fix the League of Legends login error.

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