Xbox One is a popular game console. However, the Xbox One wont turn on issue also troubles lots of players. How to fix the issue? Here, MiniTool will tell you corresponding solutions to different circumstances and you can choose a suitable one based on your situation.

As a popular game console, Xbox One has plenty of users. It indeed has many advantages, but it also has some problems that other consoles have. Xbox One wont turn on is a common and widespread problem among the multiple issues.

Xbox One won’t turn on

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What’s worse, unlike the Xbox 360 or PS4, the Xbox One doesn’t offer many explicit external cues to problems such as overheating and cable issues. Consequently, if the devices won’t turn on and show an error code, you need to try all possible solutions to fix the issue.

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3 Different Ways to Reset Xbox One to Fix Its Issues

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Xbox One not turning on has many situations, thus solutions to fix the issue also vary. Here, several common Xbox One won’t turn on conditions and corresponding solutions will be talked about.

Case 1: Xbox One Won’t Turn on at All

If your Xbox One won’t turn on at all, you can try the following methods one by one until your console boots normally.

  • Check the Controller: Having tried to press the Xbox button on the controller but failed, you should attempt to press the Power button on the console instead. If this works, replace the battery in the controller. Turn off the Xbox One, and then try to turn it on via the controller. If this fails, connect the controller to the console with a USB cord and then try again. If all these operations don’t work still, get a new controller.
  • Check the Power Cord: Make sure the power cord is firmly seated in the console and it’s plugged into the outlet securely. If you have plugged in the power strip, ensure that the power strip’s power switch is set to the “on” position and the power strip itself is still running. If the power outlet on the power strip is damaged, it should be replaced immediately.

Xbox One will not turn on when there’s something wrong with the controller and power cord. So, when the Xbox one not turning on issue happens, check them first. 

Case 2: Xbox One Shuts down Suddenly

Making sure the Xbox One has a good ventilation especially when the console shuts down suddenly and cannot be turned on. Remove all the external devices of Xbox One, and then put the console to the place where vents on the case can easily draw in air. Besides, try to clean the dust out of the vents with a dry cloth.

Case 3: Xbox One Shuts off and Won’t Turn Back on

If your console turns off and has no ventilation problems, check the Settings. Open the Settings menu, and then select Power & Start-up. The Instant-On feature enables the console to enter the sleep mode instead of turning off the power completely.

It enables the console to be turned on more quickly, but it also affects the booting process. So, you can select the energy-saving mode in Settings. Then, check the auto-shutdown setting in the same menu. You have to pay more attention on the used consoles, or consoles passed among family members because the auto-shutdown setting may have left on for them.

Case 4: Xbox One Beeps But Won’t Turn on

There are two situations about the Xbox One beeps but won’t turn on issue.

  • When you press the Power button, the Xbox One will beep but it will not turn on. Then press the button again and the console will turn on.
  • The Xbox One won’t turn on after you press the Power button. It still does not turn on after hitting the button a

The first condition is a common phenomenon and probably your Xbox One is in power state. The second condition is terrible and you may need to repair or even replace the Xbox One.

You are able to power cycle your Xbox, tap the eject button repeatedly, check your power cable, or unplug your Xbox for 10 seconds to fix the Xbox One not turning on issue when it beeps. Click here to get the specific steps.

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All the frequently encountered Xbox One wont turn on situations and solutions are told to you. Just choose the corresponding solutions according to your actual demand.

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