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How to show hidden hard disk partition

  • Originally, there were 4 partitions on my hard drive, but suddenly Computer just shows 3, and partition F disappeared. Is this partition lost or just hidden somewhere? If hidden, how to show hidden hard disk partitions in Windows 7?

    It is believed that many users have encountered the situation mentioned above. Under this situation, to find hidden hard drive partition, users need to open Computer Management to check whether the invisible partition still exists. Detailed steps are followed: right click "Computer" icon in desktop, select "Manage" from shortcut menu, and click "Disk Management". Let’s see an example:

    From disk map we can see the partition after partition G does not have a drive letter, which means it is just hidden rather than lost. Well then, how to shown hidden hard disk partition at this time? Firstly, right click the hidden partition to see whether "Change Drive Letter and Paths…" is available. If feasible, reassigning a drive letter may make the partition visible again. Nevertheless, if "Change Drive Letter and Paths…" is grayed out, users should ask third-party partition manager for help.

    How to Find Hidden Hard drive Partitions with Partition Manager

    Firstly, download a professional partition manager from the internet. If users do not know which one to choose, try using MiniTool Partition Wizard. Next, let’s use this partitioning tool to show hidden hard disk partition.

    Step 1: launch the program to get its main interface:

    Step 2: select the hidden partition and click on "Unhide Partition".

    Step 3: appoint a drive letter for the unhidden partition via "Change Drive Letter" feature.

    Step 4: click on "Apply" to make all changes performed.

    After that, the hidden partition can be visible in Computer again.

    Now, users would know how to show hidden hard disk partitions. Make full use of Windows Disk Management or MiniTool Partition Wizard according to practical situations. Nevertheless, if the missing partition can not be found in Computer Management or Partition Wizard, it may have been lost. At this time, recover lost partition with the feature "Partition Recovery Wizard" of MiniTool Partition Wizard.