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How do I open the partition manager on Windows 8.1

  • From the internet I get to know Windows built-in partitioning tool can help us complete some partitioning operations, like format partition, create partition, and delete partition. Well then, how do I open the snap-in partition manager on Windows 8.1? I need detailed operations.

    Ways to Open Windows 8.1 Built-in Partition Manager

    1. Right click on the icon "Computer" on traditional desktop, choose "Manage" from short-cut menu, and click "Disk Management" under the Storage heading. Then, the very program is opened.

    2. Start Run with key combination "Win logo" and "R" and type "diskmgmt.msc" to the popup dialogue box. Then, click "OK" button to open the tool.

    3. Press on the keys "Win logo" and "X" to get the following interface and then click on "Disk Management" to the program.

    After opening the partition manager on Windows 8.1 successfully, we can see the following interface:

    Here, disk information and partition information are shown. After right clicking a partition, we can see all performable functions from the pop-up menu, including "Open", "Explore", "Format", "Extend Volume", "Shrink Volume", "Delete", etc. These functions are too limited to meet actual demands, and users have to turn to other tools when they want to do some advanced operations, like copy partition, wipe partition, and recover partition. Moreover, "Extend Volume" and "Shrink Volume" will be grayed out under some situations. For more details, see Extend Volume of Windows 8 Grayed out.

    Now that system built-in disk management tool can not meet actual demands, Windows 8.1 users had better equip their computer with excellent third-party partitioning tools. In the past, Symantec Partition Magic was the best third-party partition manager for Windows, but unfortunately it is no longer updating. And even the latest version just owns limited functions and can not be compatible with commonly seen Windows operating systems. Aiming at this situation, we recommend MiniTool Partition Wizard which can make up all defects of Windows built-in disk management program.

    Windows 8.1 Partition Manager Alternative MiniTool Partition Wizard

    It is very easy to open the recommended Windows 8.1 partition manager. As long as users download and install it on computer according to prompts, they just need to double click the corresponding icon on desktop (shortcut has been created on Desktop). Then, the following interface will appear:

    Here, all-sided functions are shown, and users can choose the most suitable one to perform desired partitioning operations.

    Now, open the recommended partition manager on Windows 8.1 to manage partitions reasonably.