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    About “Copy Partition”

    Copy Partition feature copies all data information from one partition to another without any data loss and in simple operations. Under the following 2 situations, to copy partition is a quite good choice.
    1.Plan to upgrade old disk without reinstalling Windows – directly copy system partition and boot partition to new disk.
    2.Backup important files and programs which are saved in one partition for faster recovery – just copy the whole partition since copying files one by one is so time-wasting.
    3.Transfer Windows to a solid state disk for better performance.

    When MiniTool Partition Wizard is copying partition, data protecting solutions such as power-off protection will be activated automatically. Don’t worry about data security even if power outage emerges without redundant power supply.

    How to Copy Partition

    Step 1: run MiniTool Partition Wizard to get its main interface:

    copy partition

    Step 2: select the partition which needs copying and choose “Copy Partition” from the left side or choose “Copy” from the tool bar. Take partition E for example.

    copy partition 1

    Step 3: choose an unallocated space from partition list to save the copy of the selected partition and click “Next>”. Note: unallocated space should be large enough to hold all data on the source partition.

    copy partition 2

    Here, we can see the option “Copy the partition with resize” which is checked by default. Keep it checked if you want to change partition size.

    Step 4: Lengthen the rectangle bar to enlarge a partition or shorten it to shrink a partition. Then, click “Finish”.

    copy partition 3

    Now we can see the copy of partition E has been created but does not have a drive letter. If users want to make the very copy visible in Computer, just appoint a drive letter via the function “Change Drive Letter”. If not, directly click “Apply” button on the left top corner to perform pending operations.

    MiniTool Partition Wizard Tutorial to Copy Partition ends.