It is necessary for us to know the hard drive warranty before purchase, and it is also important for us to know the way to check hard drive warranty so that we understand if a falling drive is still under warranty or shall we purchase a new one. 

When you buy a hard drive, the first and foremost thing is to measure hard drive performance, price and warranty. There are so many reviews giving an overall analysis of the popular hard drives on the net, from the content you are likely to find a parameter called Hard Drive Warranty

Hard drive warranty plays an important role when your hard drive reports issues like hard drive beeping, hard drive clicking, hard drive data loss, and so forth. In these cases, you can contact the shop owner for free hard drive change, hard drive repair or maintenance provided that your hard drive is still under warranty. 

It is due to such user needs, you are suggested to pay attention to hard drive warranty information. 

Common Hard Drive Warranty

Most hard drive manufacturers offer their consumers 3 to 5 years of warranty period, such as Western Digital and Seagate. However, for Dell SATA hard drives, the warranty reduces to 1 year. For some other server hard drives, the warranty are most around 2 years.

It is said that Seagate and WD are slashing warranty period on its own hard drive. So who makes the most reliable hard drives really makes sense. Be sure you are choosing quality hard drives that have long enough warranty period. 

How Do You Know if Your WD/Seagate Hard Drive Has Warranty?

These days hard drives fail very frequently. If your hard drive ran into an error, you may need to check the health condition of your hard drive first. To do so, use free MiniTool Partition Wizard to perform hard drive test. Take backup of your data regularly should be very useful whenever necessary.

If you are about to consult for after-sales product replacement, before you claim your warranty, first of all, check if your hard drive still has. To do so, you are advised to visit the official site

seagate hard driveSeagate Hard Drive warranty Check
WD hard driveWD Hard Drive warranty Check
TOSHIBA hard driveTOSHIBA Hard Drive warranty Check

When you are in, just enter your product details (such as the product Serial number & Model number for Seagate, and Product type & Serial number for WD), hit the submit button to know the warranty period left for this hard drive. If your product is still under warranty, it will display “In Limited Warranty” under Status.

To request faulty hard drive replacement or hard drive data recovery, you may contact hard drive manufacturer by sending an email to the support team.

Be aware that most hard drive manufacturers don’t do data recovery, but they may provide you a replacement of hard drive if your drive is in warranty period. If you contact hard drive manufacturer for data recovery, please ensure that you have the valuable data recovered already before you send your hard drive for replacement.

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