While trying to read emails via Gmail, you may randomly run into the “Gmail no connection” issue. Do you wonder how to fix it? In this post, MiniTool Partition Wizard introduces a couple of effective solutions to this error. You can have a try.

What Causes the “Gmail No Connection” Error

Gmail is a free email service that was provided by Google and is popular with billions of users worldwide. You can access Gmail in your browser on the PC or by downloading the official app on your mobile device. It’s very convenient to use Gmail for handling emails. However, things don’t always run well. Sometimes, you may experience the “Gmail no connection” issue.

Do you know why Gmail says no connection? This post summarizes some possible reasons for this issue as follows:

  • Outages with Gmail servers
  • Poor or unstable Internet connection
  • Problems related to DNS or proxy settings
  • The outdated Gmail app or browser
  • Wrong Gmail login credentials

Since you learn why the “Gmail app no connection” issue happens, you can now try the following solutions to fix this issue.

How to Fix the “Gmail No Connection” Error

When Gmail says no connection, you should ensure your device is connected to a stable network first. If the issue persists with a good Internet connection, then you can determine what to do based on the following content.

Normal Solutions to the “Gmail No Connection” Issue

Solution 1: Check the Status of the Gmail Servers

If there are any outages with the Gmail services, you are likely to encounter the “Gmail no connection” issue. So, the first thing you should do while this issue occurs is to check the status of Gmail servers. To do this, you need to visit the Google Workspace Status Dashboard and then check the current status column of Gmail.

If you see a green tick, it means everything is running well. If you see a red or orange tick, there might be some problems with Gmail and you can only wait until the developers repair them.

Solution 2: Perform a Restart

The “Gmail no connection” issue can also be solved by a simple restart. By doing so, you can fix plenty of issues caused by temporary glitches.

If you are using Gmail on your PC, you can try closing and then reopening the Gmail webpage & browser. Moreover, you can restart your computer to see if it works. If you are facing this issue on your mobile phone, you can try reopening the Gmail app or rebooting your phone.

Solution 3: Sign Out and Then Sign into Gmail

As mentioned above, incorrect login credentials may lead to no connection on Gmail as well. In this case, it’s recommended that you sign out of your account and then sign back. The following are detailed steps.

Step 1: Click the Google Account icon in Gmail and select Sign out of all accounts.

Step 2: After that, enter the right Gmail login credentials on the login page to re-sign into your Gmail.

Step 3: Go to check if the issue is fixed.

Particular Solutions to the “Gmail No Connection” Issue on PC

There are other solutions you can try while getting stuck in this issue on your PC.

  1. Clear Your Browsing Data: If there are too many cookies and cache files on your browser, you ought to clear these cookies to see if the issue will be resolved.
  2. Flush DNS: The “Gmail no connection” issue may come out due to the corrupted DNS cache on your PC too. On this occasion, you need to fix this issue by flushing the DNS cache.
  3. Update Your Browser: If the browser you are using to access Gmail is outdated, you should update it to the latest version. To update your browser, you can pick the corresponding guide here: Google Chrome update, Microsoft Edge update, Firefox update.

Particular Solutions to the “Gmail No Connection” Issue on Mobile

If there is no connection on Gmail app, try the solutions below to fix it.

  1. Force the Gmail App to Stop: Once you suffer from the Gmail app no connection error, you can try force-stopping the app to check if the error will be removed. For Android, you should go to Settings > Apps > Gmail > Force stop and restart your phone; for iOS, just open the App Switcher, swipe right to find Gmail, and then swipe up on this app to force close it.
  2. Clear the Gmail’s Cache and Data: This way may also help you solve the Gmail app no connection error. To execute this operation, navigate to Settings > Apps > Gmail > Storage usage > Clear cache > Clear data > OK.
  3. Update Gmail: Updating Gmail is likely to fix the “no connection Gmail app” issue too. Just go to your App Store and check for updates.
  4. Reinstall Gmail: If none of the above solutions works, you should consider deleting Gmail from your phone and then reinstalling it to get rid of the “no connection Gmail app” issue.

Bottom Line

When you are faced with the “Gmail no connection” issue, you can try the solutions mentioned in this post to work your problem out. If you have any other great solutions to this issue, you can share them with us in the comment area below.

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