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Free to Combine 2 or more Hard Drive Spaces Together

  • Scenario: 2 unallocated spaces on my hard disk (they are not contiguous), and now I want to combine them for creating a new large partition. Nevertheless, I have tried Windows 7 disk management but no solution was found. Can anybody suggest me a feasible way to combine hard drive spaces free? This is my disk thumbnail:

    disk thumbnail

    Solution: here is a quite easy solution. Nowadays, third party partition manager can help combine 2 or more spaces together no matter they are logical or primary. More importantly, the whole process will not bring any damage to data if users are lucky enough to find a safe program. Well then, which partitioning tool can help combine hard drive spaces safely and free? Try using MiniTool Partition Wizard. Detailed steps will be shown below.

    How to Combine Hard Drive Spaces with MiniTool Partition Wizard

    First of all, the very partition manager should be installed on computer. Then, launch it to get the following main window:

    minitool partition wizard main window

    In the main interface select the partition between 2 unallocated spaces and choose "Move/Resize Partition" item from the left side to get the interface below:

    combine hard drive space combine space

    Here, we can drag the whole handle to the left edge or right edge so as to combine 2 hard drive spaces free, and then click "OK" to go back to the main window:

    combine hard drive space apply change

    Now we can see 2 unallocated spaces have been combined to a larger one. If users just want to combine them, click "Apply" to perform changes. If users plan to create a new partition with this space, please select it, choose "Create Partition" from the left side and finally click "Apply" to apply all changes.

    By the way, if there are 2 or more partitions between unallocated spaces, move partition one by one until desired unallocated space are contiguous. Just try using the free partition manager MiniTool Partition Wizard if you also want to combine 2 or more hard drive spaces together.