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    About "Check File System"

    When running computer, you receive a message that indicates there is a damaged file system or you need to format the partition before you can use it. This might be caused by abnormal shutdown. At this time, you can repair the error, as long as you employ the "Check File System" function, which is developed to check and repair some mistakes to ensure the integrity of file.

    Note: this function can only be used when the selected partition has a drive letter. For the partition without drive letter, you should appoint drive letter and then use this function.

    Next, let’s see the MiniTool Partition Wizard Tutorial to know how to complete this task.

    How to Check File System

    Step 1. Launch MiniTool Partition Wizard to its main interface. Then select the target partition, and choose "Check File System" from the Check Partition group or from Partition menu.

    check file system

    Step 2. You will see a new window with two options: Check only and Check & fix detected errors. If you only want to check, select Check only; if you want to recover mistakes during the checking process, select Check & fix detected errors. After that, click "Start" button.

    start check

    Tip: this operation will not be added to pending operations. Once you click "Start", MiniTool Partition Wizard will check/fix file system immediately.