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Clone Windows Recovery Partition to External HDD in Several Steps

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    Question: there is a 20GB recovery partition on my Windows 8 hard disk, which takes up so much space. Therefore, I want to move it to one of my external hard disks so as to free up local disk space, and someone suggested making a clone before deleting the source one. Well then, how to clone recovery partition to external HDD? Is there any software needed? PS. This partition is invisible in “My Computer”.

    Before answering this question, let’s see what recovery partition is. It contains files that can restore our Windows to the sate it was in the first day we had it. Once there is something wrong with the OS, restoring it via the recovery partition can fix the issue most of the time. Therefore, it should be kept, but we can clone the recovery partition to external HDD. The best way to do such a clone is using free drive copy software, which can save much time as well as offer great protections to data.

    Considering the situation where most users hope to download freeware, here we suggest using MiniTool Partition Wizard Free (free for all Windows home users). Next, let’s see detailed steps.

    How to Clone Recovery Partition to External HDD

    Firstly, run this free drive copy software to get its starting interface and choose “Launch Application” to enter the main window below:

    minitool partition wizard free main interface

    Then, select the recovery partition which needs cloning and choose “Copy Partition” feature from the left panel.

    clone recovery partition to external hdd mark a position to save the copy

    Next, choose a needless partition or unallocated space on the external hard disk to save all content of the source recovery partition, and then click “Next>”.

    clone recovery partition to external hdd edit partition size and location

    At this time, users can resize the newly created partition by changing the length of handle or move partition by changing the position of the handle. Then, click “Finish” to go back to the main interface:

    clone recovery partition to external hdd apply change

    Now we can preview recovery partition has been cloned to external HDD, so please click “Apply” to perform all previous changes. Once application is finished, the clone will be done by MiniTool Partition Wizard Free.

    If Windows gets errors but can boot in some day, clone the recovery partition back to its source disk from external HDD and then do the restoration. However, if Windows cannot start, resort to another piece of free drive copy software - MiniTool Partition Wizard Bootable CD.