Do you want to know about Apple vs Microsoft or Mac OS vs Windows? In this post, MiniTool Partition Wizard explains their differences to you. After reading this post, you can know which is better for you.

Apple vs Microsoft OS

Mac OS and Windows are PC operating systems developed by Apple and Microsoft, separately. They are competing for PC market shares. On the other hand, when you plan to buy a PC, you should also know about the OS. In this part, I will briefly introduce Apple vs Microsoft OS to you.

Apple vs Microsoft

1. Graphical User Interface (GUI)

When it comes to Windows GUI, the first item you will think of may be the taskbar. From left to right, there lies the Start menu where all files, folders, and applications can be found; the Windows search tool, Cortana, various apps pinned to the taskbar; system troy, date, etc.

As for Mac OS, its GUI is different. It has Finder, very much like Windows Explorer, and the Dock, a small strip of application icons at the bottom of the screen for easy access to your most-used programs, similar to the taskbar on the Windows desktop.

Apart from the above differences, Mac OS and Windows are also different in some details, for example, Windows's Start bar is at the bottom by default, while Apple's menu bar is at the top; Windows's close, minimize, and maximize buttons are on the top right, while those buttons of Mac OS are on the top left.

2. Hardware and Software Compatibility

Mac OS comes with Apple devices. Only when you buy Macbook, you can get Mac OS. Because the whole computer device is built by Apple, Apple can make special optimization on the hardware. Therefore, Macs tend to run a bit more smoothly. But also due to this point, computer upgrade and replacement may be more expensive and difficult.

As for Windows, it is almost compatible with most manufacturers' hardware parts. You can install it on almost all computers. However, also due to this point, the computer may have various bugs. But on the other hand, Windows computers allow you replace most hardware parts.

As for the third-party software compatibility, Windows has claim to much more software because it is more widely used than the Mac OS. Many software companies simply don't have the resources to develop for two different systems, so they choose the one with the most users.

Many software companies do create versions of their products for the Mac OS, and other vendors create lookalike versions for the Mac, but the programs aren't always as functional or stable as their Windows counterparts.

Therefore, if you are choosing a PC for gaming or for other special use, Windows PC is more suitable for you.

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3. Security

It's hard to say which OS is safer. There are significantly more antivirus and other security programs available for Windows, while the repertoire of security software available for the Mac OS is small. However, due to Windows's popularity, people who create viruses will often skip making them for Mac, choosing the broader Windows audience.

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Apple vs Microsoft Business Model

When it comes to Microsoft vs Apple, we must talk about these two company's business model.

1. Apple Business Model

Apple's iphone is the best selling products and nearly three-quarters of all Apple revenue comes from iPhone sales. This company persists integrating its products, making it easier to keep using new Apple products and thus more difficult to switch to a competitor's interface. This is sometimes referred to as the "Apple Ecosystem Lock."

We must also see that Apple's revenue relies on hardware sales.

2. Microsoft Business Model

For years, Microsoft dominated the computer industry with its Windows software. The Microsoft revenue model relies on just a few key strengths. The first, and most important, is the licensing fees charged for use of the Windows operating system and the Microsoft Office suite.

However, paid software is a more difficult sell in these days. There are many low-cost alternatives for Microsoft Office suite and even the Windows OS. Additionally, tablets and phones are replacing PCs.

Therefore, Microsoft starts making Windows software more compatible with competitor products, such as the iPad and it also develops devices like Microsoft Surface and Surface Pro.

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