Do you know Windows 7 Extended Security Updates? With it, enterprise users can still get Windows 7 security updates after 2020, although it's not cheap. Fortunately, some enterprise users can get free security updates for an extra year. This is a promotion. If you want to upgrade Windows 10, you may need MiniTool Partition Wizard to back up data.

Continuing Security Updates for Windows 7

According to the latest data, about 37% of all desktop consumers and enterprise computers still run Windows 7. For these enterprises that still run the decade-old operating system, there is a problem they should consider. That is, Windows 7 will reach end-of-life and no longer receive security updates in four months, leaving enterprises vulnerable to malware.

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Fortunately, even though Windows 7 will no longer get free security updates after January 2020, Microsoft has been offering enterprises different ways to continue to get patches after that date.

Last September, Microsoft announced that it would offer, for a fee, continuing security updates for Windows 7 to businesses through January 2023. The paid Windows 7 Extended Security Updates (ESUs) will be sold on a per-device basis, with the price increasing each year.

Note: The Extended Security Update (ESU) program is the last choice for customers who need to run some legacy Microsoft products after the termination date. It includes key and/or critical security updates for up to three years after the product extension support ends. It doesn't include new features, non-security updates requested by customers, or design change requests.

These ESUs will be available to any Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Enterprise users with volume-licensing agreements, and those with Windows Software Assurance and/or Windows 10 Enterprise or Education subscriptions will get a discount.

These Windows 7 ESUs won't be cheap. For Windows Enterprise and Microsoft 365 users, Microsoft will provide ESUs as an "add-on." For the first year, that add-on is $25 per device. In the second year, coverage will cost $50 per device and in the third year, $100 per device.

For Windows 7 Pro users, that cost is $50 per device for the first year; $100 for the second year and $200 for the third year.

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Promotion: Free Security Updates for an Extra Year

A little-publicized document published by Microsoft says Enterprise Agreement (EA) and Enterprise Subscription Agreement (EAS) customers with active subscriptions to Windows 10 E5, Microsoft 365 E5, Microsoft 365 E5 Security, and Government E5 SKUs can opt for Windows 7 Extended Security Updates for a year for no additional charge.

This is a limited time promotion without much publicity. This promotion runs from June 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019. As long as you have an active valid subscription before 31 December, 2019, you can get free security updates for an extra year.

Note: The promotion is available for Government E5 SKUs, but not Education E5 SKUs.
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After the year expires, Microsoft will still charge each enterprise device $50 to receive updates for a second year and $100 per device for a third year.

Final Words

Although Microsoft provides one extra year of free Windows 7 security update, enterprise users should better upgrade to Windows 10 as soon as possible lest their computers suffer from malware. In addition, the price for Windows 7 Extended Security Updates is not cheap.

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