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Witcher 3 console commands

By using the Witcher 3 console commands and cheats, you can activate God Mode, spawn monsters, create items at will, and so forth. Does that sound attractive? This post from MiniTool Partition Wizard shows you how to use Witcher 3 console commands.

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How to Use Witcher 3 Console Commands?

First of all, you need to open the console. For that, open Steam on your PC and right-click The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in the game library; then, select the Properties option from the menu, switch to the Local Files tab, and click the Browse Local Files option; next, open the folders one by one: bin > config > base and open the general.ini file with Notepad; finally, add “DBGConsoleOn=true” at the bottom of the document and save and close this file.

edit the general.ini file

Secondly, launch the game and hit the tilde key (~) next (at the upper left of your keyboard) to open the debug console. After that, you can see a dark zone in the front of your computer screen, and now you can enter Witcher 3 console commands to set character level to a specific number or do anything else.

Well, what are Witcher 3 console commands and cheats? Keep reading.

Useful Witcher 3 Console Commands and Cheats

There are plenty of Witcher 3 console commands and cheats and the common and useful ones are as follows:

Witcher 3 Console Commands and Cheats Functions
addabl('DamageBuff') Increases attack power by 200 and sigil power by 200
addabl('ForceCriticalHits') Ensure 100% crit chance
addHair1 Give Geralt his default hair
addHair2 Give Geralt a ponytail
addHair3 Give Geralt some long and loose hair
addHairDLC1 Give Geralt some long and loose hair
addHairDLC2 Give Geralt a sweet mohawk
addHairDLC3 Give Geralt the slicked back Eleven Rebel cut
addskillpoints(amount) Grant the character with a specific amount of skill points
addkeys Give the character every key in the game
addmoney(amount) (like addmoney(3000)) Give the character a specific amount of money (Crowns)
Ciri Set the character to Ciri
cleardevelop Reset the character's levels and items and gives them starter gear
dlgshow Add or remove the game’s user interface. Note that this command may cause Witcher 3 to crash
fadein Cut back into gameplay from black screen
fadeout Fade out the display to a black
Geralt Set the character to Geralt
god Turn on or off the god mode which allows invincibility
healme Heal the character to maximum health
levelup Raise the character’s level by one
likeaboss Turn on or off the likeboss mode which allows you to do 40% of your foes maximum health with each hit
Removemoney(amount) Remove a specific amount of money (Crowns) from the character
setlevel(level) Set character level to a specific number
ShowAllFT Show or hide every fast travel location available in-game
testpause Pause the current game
Testunpause Unpause the current game
witchcraft Add one of each item in the game to the character’s inventory. Note that this command takes a while to load, or possibly causes Witcher 3 to crash

Type one of the above Witcher 3 console commands and cheats and hit the Enter key to improve your gameplay experience.

That’s all about how to use Witcher 3 console commands and cheats. Which is your favorite console command and cheat in Witcher 3? You can share it with us in the comment zone. Also, leave your doubts in the comment zone if you have them.

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