In this post, MiniTool tells you what is Warzone unlock all tool and how to download & set up it. In addition to that, it also offers you some tips to fix crashes and bugs with the unlock tool Warzone. Read the post to get the detailed information now!

Before starting reading the post, you should know what the abbreviations mean in the title.

  • MW: It stands for Modern Warfare. Like Warzone, it is also a popular game.
  • CW: It refers to Coldwar.

What Is Warzone Unlock All Tool

Warzone unlock all tool is a hack for the game allowing you to easily unlock all items and skins in the game without risks. It allows you to unlock the level 1000 cap without spending a coin. Besides, this unlock tool Warzone will be updated every week.

With the Warzone unlock all tool, you can unlock everything so you can play with every weapon camo, operator, watch, calling card, emblem, vehicle skin, and others you could select. It is not recommended to unlock all achievements for all players. Instead, you should only do it for yourself or the other person in your lobby.

Besides, the Warzone unlock all tool only works in Warzone Training (Use Plunder) and MW2019 Private Matches (you must be the host). If your game keeps crashing, don’t use unlock tool Warzone. Otherwise, you will get banned. If you would like to unlock real camos in online matches, use the MW CAMO unlock tool.


Though the unlock tool Modern Warfare is safe, it is not advised to use it for public games.

You should unlock all skins within Warzone with the help of the unlock tool. It is possible that your account would be suspended or terminated by the unlock tool Modern Warfare. Moreover, it requires administrator access to work. You should be cautious as hacks can contain malware that could harm your PC.

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Warzone Unlock All Tool Download/Install

To use the Warzone unlock all tool, you need to download and install it first. For that, you can follow the steps below.

Step 1: Click on this Warzone unlock all tool download button to download its .rar file.

Step 2: Then extract the .rar file with 7Zip or Winrar.

Step 3: Run the setup file and press Inject.

Step 4: Start Warzone and unlock all.

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Tips on Fixing Warzone Unlock All Tool Crashes and Bugs

After you get the Warzone unlock all tool download from the given link, you can run it. However, you might encounter some bugs or crashes issues with it. For that, here are some tips for you.

  • Restart your computer after injection.
  • Ensure Warzone or Modern Warfare is in Windowed Mode.
  • Turn off Windows Defender (included in Folder /Install).
  • Install VC_redist.x64.exe which is included in Folder /Install as well.
  • Install Visual Studio 2019.
  • Set Driver Signature Enforcement to Off.
  • Reinject while in the same game and then try to unlock again.
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