Is it better to build or buy a PC? If you are bothered by this question, read this post now! MiniTool talks about prebuilt vs custom PC from several aspects. Make a choice based on your demand.

Prebuilt vs Custom PC: Definition

The prebuilt PC usually is completely assembled before being put on sale. It could be assembled by a retailer or a specific business that offers these services. You can directly put the prebuilt PC into use after getting it.

As for the custom PC, it requires you to choose every component inside the device and then assemble them manually. It can be done by yourself or other people.

Prebuilt vs Custom PC: Convenience

What makes the prebuild PC stand out from the line is its convenience. The prebuilt PC is ready to go from the factory. After removing any packing material inside the case, set up the PC on the desk and ensure that all the cables are connected properly. Then you can power on it and use it immediately. The whole operation is effortless.

If anything goes wrong with the prebuilt PC, you can send it to the manufacturer if the device is under warranty. If you want to upgrade it, suppliers can provide you with assistance or even do that for you.

To upgrade the prebuilt PC by yourself, you can refer to this tutorial: Can You Upgrade a Prebuilt PC? How to Upgrade CPU/GPU/Storage?

Different from the prebuilt PC, you need to install and assemble the components and even cope with issues occurring in the building process. For instance, you may get misplaced screws, too short SATA cables, bent CPU pins, and so on. Some issues might be solved, while others could ruin the work you have done before.

It is obvious that the prebuilt PC wins in this round.

Prebuilt vs Custom PC: Flexibility

As the custom PC allows you to strategize according to your demands, it has more flexibility. You have chances to select components as you like. However, you need to ensure that they are compatible with each other. Otherwise, the build process would fail.

The prebuilt PC assembles all the components in advance, so you can’t choose components freely. Fortunately, you are allowed to upgrade it. Then there’s an opportunity for you to pick components. Please note that the selected components should be compatible with other parts on the PC.

Prebuilt vs Custom PC: Performance

The performance of the prebuilt PC usually is good enough. You can run tasks and programs smoothly. However, a better CPU or GPU could be built in the custom PC so that you can get better performance.

If you have specific demands for the PC, a custom PC is a better option as you can put powerful components to it.

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Prebuilt vs Custom PC: Budget

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Build or buy gaming PC? You may have the answer after reading the above content.

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Prebuilt vs Custom PC: Pros and Cons

As a coin has two sides, both prebuilt and custom PCs have pros and cons. Is it better to build or buy a PC? You can make the decision after learning their advantages and disadvantages.


  • You don’t have to spend time learning the building skills and building the PC.
  • You don’t need to concern about compatibility issues between components.
  • It comes with a warranty.
  • It has customer support and a pre-installed operating system.


  • It has limited configurations, which means that you can only buy an available one from the market.
  • Less important components like the case, cables, or the power supply might be of low quality.


  • You have the option to install the needed programs and games.
  • You can outfit the custom PC based on your budget and the expected performance.
  • DIY or custom PCs offer you more hardware configuration options than a prebuilt PC.
  • Some custom gaming PC builders can even give the option for a professional to customize the look of your build.


  • Building a custom PC requires technical knowledge. If you don’t have, it would be tough for you to build the PC.
  • It may prompt you with incompatibility issues.

Build or Buy Gaming PC

Prebuilt vs custom PC: which one to choose? The answer depends on your condition and preference. For instance, if you want a PC built for your specific needs, you can choose a custom PC.

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