As an SSD user, you may sometimes run into the SSD reset port error. But please take it easy, this article will show you how to troubleshoot this error with 3 easy solutions and manage your SSD drive via MiniTool Partition Wizard.

Reasons for SSD Reset Port Error

The SSD reset port error may happen in the boot process after installing a new SSD and changing the boot drive. Although you can boot into Windows and access the system, the error may eventually lead to system crashes.

You may wonder why you encountered this error. Actually, this error can occur due to several reasons including a faulty SATA cable, bad boot configuration, etc.

# 1: Fix SSD Reset Port Error by Setting BIOS to Boot from New SSD

Here is the tutorial on setting BIOS to boot from new SSD.

Have you changed the boot drive in the BIOS from the HDD to the new SSD after cloning the drive? If you haven’t already, please read the following tutorial to change the boot drive.

Note: You should power off your computer if it is on.

Step 1: Strat your computer and start hitting ESC, F1, F2, F8, or F10 key on your keyword. One of the listed keys can help you access the BIOS screen depending on your computer manufacture.  

Step 2: Enter the BIOS setup and wait for the BIOS setup page to appear.

Step 3: Navigate to the Boot tab by using the arrow key on the keyword.

Step 4: Set your new SSD drive as the first boot drive and save and exit the BIOS setup utility.  

Step 5: Restart the computer and check if the error is resolved.

# 2: Fix SSD Reset Port Error by Connecting to a Different SATA Port

If the issue still shows up or if BIOS fails to detect the SSD in the boot menu, the problem could be with the SATA port or the connector. Therefore, in this situation, you should connect your SSD to a different SATA port.

Step 1: Remove the new SSD from the current SATA Port and connect it to any other SATA port.

Step 2: Reboot the system and check if the issue is resolved.

After the two steps above, please remove the SSD and try connecting to any other computer if you still receive the SSD reset port error. This would allow you to check if the SSD is defective.

If the SSD is working well with another computer, SATA cable may be the cause of this error. In this case, you can get a new SATA cable from a computer hardware shop.

# 3: Fix SSD Reset Port Error by Updating the BIOS

Another reason for the SSD reset port error could be the outdated BIOS. And the best way to check for BIOS update is to visit your computer manufacturer and log in.

To check that, please do the following steps:   

Step 1: Run the Scanner that checks for any updates and finds if any update is for the BIOS.

Step 2: Download and install the BIOS update and reboot the system.

Step 3: After the reboot, please check if the error is resolved.

Tip: You can try to check for faulty power supply and video cards, remove the graphics card, and reboot the system to fix SSD reset port error.

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