Out of some reasons, you may want to find a Facebook alternative. There are various social media on the market. Which one should you choose? In this post, MiniTool will recommend you several reliable Facebook alternatives.

If you don’t like Facebook either because of its data collection or advertising, you can find an alternative to Facebook. Here are some Facebook alternatives for you. Pick one according to your demand.


Vero was released in 2015. It is an apply-only service, but it is beautifully designed and easy to use. It describes itself as “a social network for anyone who loves anything enough to share it – and wants to control over who they share it with. Just like we do in real life”.

It’s a subscription-oriented service without any ads. Additionally, there is no data extraction and algorithms with Vero. It is an image and link-sharing platform with direct and efficient privacy measures.

One main attraction of Vero is its chronological timeline that displays all your posts in the order of published time. Vero also collects usage data, but it is mainly used to see how often the app is utilized.

The purpose of this feature is to solve the social media addiction as it shows you the time spent on the app. Even so, you don’t have to worry about it. Because this option is turned off by default.

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MeWe was launched in 2014. It portrays itself as a social network without ads, spyware, targeting, political bias, and newsfeed manipulation. It doesn’t mine data or sell your private data. It contains features like groups, private chats, tagging, content permissions, and even a few extras.

But you should note that some features need subscription fees such as extra cloud storage, encrypted chat, live voice, pages, as well as video calling and dark mode, etc. Even so, the core MeWe service is entirely free for anyone to use.

Note: Certainly, these are optional purchases.

With a MeWe account, you can create posts, share content, and carry out other supported activities. You can chat with others safely through the secure chat system. MeWe won’t manipulate your feed in any way.

WT Social

WT Social is a non-toxic social network. It is a fair and honest platform that concentrates on connecting people. Besides, it doesn’t have data collection option. Based on that, you don’t need to concern about privacy disclosure. Advertises don’t dictate what’s on the site or what you see.

You have full control over the user experience. WT Social fights against the misleading content. And distributors can edit the content with misinformation with ease.

Note: People who violate the terms and conditions of the site will be removed by WT Social.


Rumble is a conservative Facebook alternative that is launched in 2013. It is rather popular and owns millions of users across the world. Not only does Rumble allows you to share viral videos safely, but also enables you to monetize them. To be short, Rumble is a great alternative to Facebook.

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Yubo is a simple social network that majors in socializing. With this program, you can create live sessions with up to 10 different streamers and unlimited number of viewers. You are able to look for live streams on the main page of the app based on topics.

Certainly, there are options that allow you to follow your favorite streamers. Yubo is aimed at people aging from 13 to 25. It divides members into two communities in order to protect younger users.

Members over 18 can’t communicate with younger members and vice versa. Additionally, Yubo won’t track your activity. Though Yubo collects some data, it is rather transparent on this aspect. All the terms of privacy policy are laid out so that you can read the content conveniently.  


EyeEm, built in 2011, started out as a mobile-only app that allows you to upload and share iPhone photos. After evolving for some time, it has become a digital space catering to photographers and businesses. EyeEm utilizes artificial intelligence to find the best images for searchers not advertising.

For instance, photographers can upload their images. Then other users can interact and share these photos. EyeEm acts as a database of photos with more than 100 million high-quality images. Hence, EyeEm is regarded as the best alternative to Facebook on the aspect of photo-sharing.

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Parler, a free speech Facebook alternative, is a conservative social media app. It was launched in August 2018. It protects your privacy and offers you all the tools to share your standpoints without the fear of getting the account removed.

Top 7 alternatives to Facebook have been introduced to you. Now, it’s your turn to choose a Facebook.

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