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Delete Partition Windows 7

  • Windows 7 is familiar to us all. It is easy to use and convenient for users. It has been added with new features of half screen windows, quick maximization, jump list, fast repair system fault, etc. What's more, Windows 7 has gorgeous Aero effect and various desktop tools. It also has better security than former operating systems. Because of its advantages, Windows 7 has replaced Windows XP gradually. In only two years, authorized sales volume of Windows 7 has reached as much as 450 million.

    When installing Windows 7, many users have discovered that there will be a 100MB partition in disk. Maybe some of the 100MB partitions are hidden so a part of users cannot discover it. When installing Windows 7, we should not delete partition but select an existing partition, thus we can avoid the automatically creating of 100MB hidden partition. If we use the Windows 7 built-in disk management tool to delete partition in Windows 7, it will lead to Disk Partition Table fault and file loss. The best choice is to use excellent partition magic MiniTool Partition Wizard to unhide the partition and then delete it. It will not cause DPT damage and effect on other partitions. After deleting, you can use MiniTool Partition Wizard to extend partition with the 100MB space.

    Of course, deleting partition function can also be used in other unhidden partitions. If you have too many partitions and the partition use efficiency is low, you can try to delete some partitions. Before deleting, you need to back up all data in advance.

    MiniTool Partition Wizard
    Although Windows 7 built-in disk management tool has been improved a lot and added with more functions, it still has many disadvantages like failure to merge partitions, back up partition and move partition, etc. It is better to use the third-party partition magic, MiniTool Partition Wizard.

    There are too many choices for partition magic software but the professional ones are few. Some may even carry virus or malicious programs that cause disk damage and data loss. MiniTool Partition Wizard is developed by Canadian professional software company, MiniTool Solution Ltd.. It has perfect techniques, stability, as well as high security. Meeting any problems, you can visit the official website of MiniTool Partition Wizard to consult: https://www.partitionwizard.com/.

    Besides delete partition function, MiniTool Partition Wizard has other functions like create partition, format partition, resize partition, move partition, merge partition, check partition, wipe partition, change cluster size, set drive letter, etc. The newest version, MiniTool Partition Wizard 7.0, is added with dynamic disk management feature. It is so excellent at managing disk.